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The French Exchange

on February 11, 2012

Its 2006. I’m 15. My mother has somehow forged a friendship with a Parisian woman with a daughter 2 years older than me and given that I outright objected to going on a school exchange has decided that maybe a pre-arranged one through friends of friends would be better. And so slightly awkward mail is exchanged: cue this postcard. Well, her English is bad, but I can’t criticise, because my French was nothing short of catastrophic at the time. But what I think it is fair to laugh about is sentences such as “The weather is very sunny but also cloudy.” and “I didn’t know that Dinard was the city of the Britannic cinema – that makes me think of you.” which suggest that this postcard was likely a parental pressure to make contact. On top of this, it took me years to discover that what she was referring to was a yearly British Film Festival held in Dinard. “City of Britannic Cinema”? Erm…!

I should probably add as an after note though, that she turned out to be very friendly, so considering some horror stories of exchanges I’ve heard, I was lucky!


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