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Croatian Mammoths

on April 11, 2012

This is one of my new favourite postcards! Sent from Mirna in Croatia, it shows mammoths from the Medimurja region of the country, where 10,000 year old remains have been found. I love how she’s taken the time to find a card about archaeology (and I love European prehistory too!). She also tells me her younger sister has the same name as me, and the same hair colour. She wishes me Happy Birthday in Croatian too (Sretan Rodendan), which is a really nice touch. I love this card so much!


One response to “Croatian Mammoths

  1. […] of worship in Sarajevo comes from Mirna a postcrossing penpal from Croatia(who sent me the lovely mammoth card a few weeks ago). She says she really enjoyed her time there on a trip for her studies and chose […]

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