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Another From Eastern Russia

Surprisingly, considering its from Russia, this postcard only took 16 days to arrive. This is made even more surprising when you learn its sender, Lena, actually lives in Magadan which is in the far east of the country. She tells me its the first card she’s ever sent using Postcrossing. Very cheerful, friendly postcard!

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My Longest-Travelled Postcard Yet!

This beautiful Indian postcard travelled 109 days from sender Debashish to reach me! Sent on 13th March, this arrived in my mailbox today and shows a map if the Qutb Complex in New Delhi which is a world heritage site. He tells me that the minaret of Qutub Minar is 72.5m tall. Very unique card.

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Mount Fuji

I was thrilled to receive this card today from Japanese postcrosser Rika – its the first I have showing the natural beauty of Japan. It shows Mount Fuji  over Lake Yamanaka. She tells me she lives very near to it and that it is currently being considered as a UNESCO site and that it is surrounded by 5 lakes like the one in the picture. Beautiful.

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Vainamoinen, A Finnish Hero

Another from the collection of cards penpal Alex has chosen to send me! This time showing a picture of Vainamoinen, an old god in Finnish folklore. He is the main character in the Heroes of Kalevala, the epic upon which all these cards are based (the others can be seen under the category of Russia). This came alongside a souvenir image burned into birchbark of  a church on Nyandoma Lake – a lovely gift! On the back of the card he tells me his plans for Christmas and how he hopes to visit Norway and Finland with his wife so he wants to get better at English. Very sweet card and as always, a pleasure to receive!

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The New Palace, Potsdam

This chatty card comes from Andreas in Germany and shows the New Palace in Potsdam, he tells me he likes it since it is one of the lesser-known palaces in the UNESCO collection at Potsdam so is less crowded – good call! He says he visited South England recently but avoided London due to reading about high prices because of the Olympics – something which I hadn’t even thought of! I’m just glad to be leaving due to the crowds! Must remind anyone who is mad enough to actually visit this summer: buy an Oyster card! They reduce travel costs dramatically and are well-worth the refundable £5 you pay initially.

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A Norwegian Glacier

This spectacular card arrived today and is my first from Norway since I was a child! Sent from Marit, it makes a lovely addition to my collection of nature postcards. She tells me she works as a farmer and rural postwoman and that they produce milk on their farm. Sounds beautiful! Love this card so much!

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A Long-Travelled Postcard!

This quirky postcard comes from Kathi in the USA and took an amazing 41 days to arrive! She tells me she actually lives in Virginia but bought this on a recent holiday in Texas which is a state she hadn’t been to before – she says she loved it. I like the retro imagery and bold colours of the card, which also has a lot of information about the state itself on the back – apparently it covers 27600 square miles of land! Impressive!

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A Dutch Windmill

This card comes from Peter in the Netherlands. He tells me this is one of 19 windmills at the UNESCO site of Kinderdijk. I really love the simple beauty of this card, it seems really peaceful!

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A First From Utah

This card comes from Michelle in the USA and shows the fantastic landscape of southern Utah. She tells me its a great holiday spot with lots of places to hike but that it is very hot and dry (surprise surprise!). Awesome card!

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Singapore Chinatown

This beautiful card comes from penpal Clarissa in Singapore who sent it alongside a lovely letter in gorgeous hand-writing! She apologises for taking a while to send it and then tells me how much she loved the card I sent her and says she’d love to visit England again one day. She tells me that Chinatown in Singapore is different from over here since it adopts the shop-house style which she says is a significant type of structure in the country and also in Malaysia. Lovely chatty card and letter!

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