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Swedish Moose

on September 24, 2012

This beautiful card is from Leila in Sweden who I did a direct swap with. Swapping with her seemed to be a natural choice since not only did she have a genuine love for Guernsey, but her profile picture was of two mugs which I actually own – weird! She says she chose this card as she saw it in my favourites list on postcrossing. She tells me that moose are common in Sweden and although they’re not dangerous, they can cause horrible car accidents because of their size and weight. They are known affectionately as ‘King of the Woods’ which rings a bell somewhere – I think I had a book about this as a child… Leila also says how one day she would like to roadtrip around the Channel Islands and Great Britain. Sounds like a great idea to me! If only it weren’t so expensive!





3 responses to “Swedish Moose

  1. Peaches xx says:

    i remember that book as well… did it have a little bird in it? and it flew up his nostril?

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