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A Postcard That Grows!

Believe it or not, this postcard is actually a very small cardboard box, which, when opened and watered grows into a little cress garden – what a cute idea! Especially as it seems the cress will grow around a small, pop-up city! I will definitely post a picture if it succeeds! Anyway, this card’s from my Mum, back in England, who has posted it alongside a bizarre selection of items – a postal vote form (in case I’m interested in the local elections at home), a progress report I wrote at school aged 8 (suitably cringey) and (perhaps the strangest) a home-made dinosaur puzzle, made from paper dating to an unknown point in my childhood. Strangely there is no explanation for the trip down memory lane – but it definitely made me laugh! Awesome card!

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Some Beautiful Finnish Art

This beautiful card comes from 17 year old Oona who tells me she lives in a small town in central Finland. She says she chose this card since it shows a typical Finnish forest which she loves. She also tells me how happy she is to send a postcard to one of the rarer countries on the site – pleased I could help! Gorgeous card! Love it!

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A Postcard From Antarctica!!!


Well, I never thought I would be lucky enough to receive a postcard from Antarctica, and this one is also my first ever maxicard! All the way from Kristie in Australia, this beautiful picture shows some of Australia’s Antarctic territory. She tells me how she would love to one day do an Antarctic cruise – got to admit, it would be pretty amazing, even if it was a little cold!

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A First From Massachusetts

This great card comes from Czech Gabi, on holiday in the USA. She tells me she is currently visiting the Harvard campus, having already spent two weeks traveling around the country. She also says it’s now her first time in the USA as she used to au pair in Vancouver, Washington. Lucky!

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Russia’s Monument to Peter I

This amazing card comes from Vera in Russia. It shows a monument to Peter the Great in Moscow who is famed for expanding Russia into Europe and creating an immensely powerful navy – which makes sense when you see this statue! What a great card though and a really cultural image.

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The Baby Big Five!

I have to admit I was genuinely quite cuted out by this card! Sent by Ruhan in South Africa – my first from mainland Africa – it shows the young of all the Big 5 people go to see on safari: rhino, leopard, elephant, lion and buffalo. Ruhan says he was reluctant to send it since he considers animal cards to be ‘reinforcing the stereotype’ (perhaps that’s true, but it’s still cute!) but chose to anyway, since I love animals! Awesome card! One for the fridge (which is where I put all my favourites)!

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Basilica of Bom Jesus

All the way from Mangalore in India, postcrosser Srinivas sends this beautiful card showing the Basilica of Bom Jesus, home of the relics of St. Francis Xavier. Srinivas tells me that he works in a stationery shop and that nearby is a beautiful temple. Sounds really lovely!

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Indonesian Rice Terraces

This stunning card comes from Heidy in Indonesia. It shows Tana Toraja rice terraces with traditional houses in the distance. Heidy tells me that it is currently on UNESCO’s tentative world heritage site list. Really lovely cultural card!

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My First From Macau

This beautiful card is my first from Macau and comes from Kun who tells me he is currently visiting the area. The picture shows the Ruins of Saint Paul’s – a college and church built in the 1600s and mostly burned down by fire in 1835. Beautiful. And VERY unique!

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My First From Estonia!

This card comes from Janne in Estonia as part of a direct swap and shows the capital, Tallinn. She tells me it got added to the UNESCO list in 1997. It also has a very cool Olympics stamp. Great card!

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