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Dalada Maligawa

DaladaMaligawaThis beautiful card arrived yesterday from Muthu in Sri Lanka. She’s chosen this card for me as it shows the UNESCO site of Sri Dalada Maligawa in Kandy. She says it is a really sacred place. Gorgeous!

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Poker Face

PokerFaceThis funny card comes from Isaac in Singapore. He tells me it’s currently raining where he is and that he’s preparing for his finals of his first year at university – I can empathise there! Awesome card!

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Another Hand-Made Beauty!

This beautiful card comes from Yu-Rou in Taiwan, she tells me her hobbies are cooking and painting. She’s also printed a rubber-stamp image that she carved herself onto the card – it’s awesome! She’s clearly got lots of artistic talent. Great card!

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A Brush Up On My Greek Mythology

This beautiful view of Santorini in Greece comes from Stella. She tells me that Santorini features in the myth of Jason and the Argonauts. Apparently, when Jason and his companions landed on the island of Anaphe in the Aegean Sea, Euphemus had a dream that he had impregnated a nymph and was told to throw a clod of earth from Anaphe into the sea so she could have a safe place to give birth. When he awoke, he did just that and sure enough the island of Thera (now Santorini) emerged! What a great story, it fitted perfectly on the card too! Awesome!

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A Howling Wolf

This beautiful card was hand-painted by Ellen from Taiwan. It’s made of a grey board which she says she usually uses to make architecture models. She tells me she lives in Taichung, in the centre of Taiwan, and that it is autumn there at the moment. Wonderful card!

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A Wonderful Package From India!

This amazing postcard and two first-day cover envelopes arrived in a beautifully decorated envelope all the way from young Varsha in India. One of my favourite ever swaps as she’s really taken the time and effort to make the package a total joy to receive! It was just full of surprises! Inside the 150 year commemorative archaeological survey envelope was a 5 rupee note and inside the India International Centre one, was a lovely brochure. What really made this swap perfect though was the lovely long letter the little girl wrote. She tells me she lives in a  tiny village in south India which has an enthusiastic agricultural economy and that the mothertongue of the people living there is Tamil. Her village is in the state of Tamil Nadu which has a history of over 2000 years – amazing! She’s also been kind enough to attach a LOT of low denomination stamps instead of standard more costly ones, so the envelope looked awesome! Oh and the postcard itself shows a boat on the backwaters of Kerala. Wonderful swap!

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The Boorog Deliin Els Desert In Bloom

This stunning card comes from Alexander in Russia but actually shows the Boorog Deliin Els Desert in Mongolia as it blooms. Alexander has also been kind enough to use some great stamps!

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Grauballe Man Bog Body!

These two very contrasting cards came from Denise in Canada, although the first actually shows Grauballe Man, a bog-body in Denmark dating to AD 300. Interestingly, the bog-body card is actually a vintage card, pre-written and posted from Denmark stamp still intact) in 1984. I just love the image though! I had a real fascination with bog-bodies at university! Denise has also kindly enclosed the second card which she’s printed herself. She tells me that her favourite names are Serenity, Hope, Patience and Joy – the names of her grand-daughters. How lovely! I love names, so it’s great to hear about ones she likes. She’s also used a fantastic zodiac stamp on the envelope. Wonderful swap!

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A First from Trinidad and Tobago

These four awesome cards arrived today from a very kind Rene – an Australian who lives in Trinidad who wanted to send me one that I favourited without even asking for a swap, and then sent four! I am so appreciative of the very kind gesture!! The two sunset images show Pigeon Point and the top left shows Maracas which she tells me is the ‘playground for Port of Spain’. She says she loves going to Maracas for Shark & Bake – shark in a local bread with lots of condiments! The final card (bottom left) shows Waterloo Temple – an amazing Hindu temple with a fascinating story behind it. The man who constructed it was told he couldn’t build it on the land since it belonged to a sugar cane company. After being fined and sent to prison, he decided to build it at sea. This was in the 1940s and he did it using just an old bicycle to transport all the building equipment. Amazing! And now of course it is a major tourist attraction. Awesome cards!

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An Inuit Postcard!

I’m really interested in Eskimo cultures so it was great to get this card from Isabelle in Canada. She says it’s pretty cold there at the moment (not surprised)! She is actually from Montreal, but chose this card from more Arctic regions for me! In the top right hand picture, an Inuit man is building an igloo, the bottom two images show traditional Canadian Houses. Fantastic card!

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