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South Africa’s Best Postcard

Tortoises!So my friend Ruhan and I had a competition to find the ‘best postcards’ our countries could offer. So there I was, expecting natural beauty and fantastic views of South Africa, when THIS arrived through my door! Yes, he seriously thinks it is the best and speaks of its wonderful artistic nature and beauty! Some people eh?

Okay, okay… That’s a complete lie and he may kill me for saying that. The competition was for the worst, most awful and bizarre postcards we could find, so this one is actually perfect and I totally cracked up when I got this. We just don’t have anything similar for sale in Guernsey! I also LOVE how Mr. Tortoise looks like he’s having the time of his life while Mrs. Tortoise looks less than amused! Ruhan says it is the first in a series of awful postcards and that he’s not quite sure when pervy tortoises became postcard material. He also says not to get him started on a caption. On that note, if anyone can think of a good one, fire away. Hilarious card! Love it!



FoxLoveThis card is a new one to add to my favourites! It comes all the way from Olga in Russia who chose it since I’d already favourited it on Postcrossing, she says she absolutely adores it herself too. There’s something so wonderfully simple about the picture which is able to speak about love and friendship, without the need for words. Beautiful.

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A Surprise From New Mexico


These wonderful cards arrived today from Sam-Quito in the USA who I think forgot he’d already sent me a card. Anyway, I really really love them. On the first card (which shows a night view of Albuquerque), he tells me a little about his visit to Guernsey and how he loved our Post Office (they sell a LOT of stamps there). The second shows a fantastic map of trade routes used by the Spanish between Mexico and the USA during the colonial period. Sam-Quito tells me El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro is the oldest and longest European road in North America running from Mexico City to San Gabriel in California, it has recently been made a UNESCO site. Fascinating!

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Marilyn Monroe & Jane Russell

Marilyn Monroe and Jane RussellThis awesome vintage card comes from Ellu in Italy and shows Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell. Ellu says she loved it the second she saw it so had to send it. It is totally awesome! She also tells me she’s only got 3 exams left until she’s graduated, so here’s wishing her all the best!

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A View of Johannesburg

JoBurgAnother beautiful city-view card here, this time of Johannesburg which comes all the way from lovely Ruhan in South Africa. He tells me how he loves to visit the city as it has an atmosphere of “here, dreams can come true”. On the left is the CBD (he informs me that despite the pretty skyline has become, to some extent, a victim of neglect) and on the right is an infamous lightning storm and Sandton – a suburb which is home to the banks, stock-exchange and super-rich. Awesome card with some beautiful pictures! I feel so lucky to have two cards from the country now!

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Vizcaya Bridge

VizcayaBridgeThis beautiful and interesting card comes from my godmother (also called Monica) who lives in Spain. It was a great surprise to get this as I haven’t heard from her in a few years so it was really lovely to receive! She says she thought I’d like a card from the Basque country in Spain for my collection and chose the UNESCO site of Vizcaya Bridge which dates to the late 19th century. It was the first bridge in the world to carry people and traffic on a high suspended gondola. Fascinating! But I want to know how big ships avoid the moving gondola when they pass!

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Holstentor Gate

HolstenorThis card literally looks like a picture’s been taken from a fairytale book! It comes from Claus in Germany and shows Holstentor Gate in the old city of Lübeck. I just think it is absolutely stunning! Claus tells me that the city used to play a very important role in the Hanseatic League (a merchant trading group) in the Middle Ages. The Gate itself was built between 1464 and 1478 and is one of the most important in Germany.  So fascinating!

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Cabot Trail

Presqu'ileThis beautiful card comes from Carol in the USA who tells me she has just been on a road-trip to Canada where she bought this card. And it is just so beautiful! She says she adores travelling and hopes to visit Finland, Belarus and Taiwan soon. She also tells me that she (just like me) has a love of names and has even names her iPods (Lenny & Svarty)!! Haha! She says her favourite boys names are Nikolai, Nikita and Ilya and for girls she likes Anastazja, Katja and Astana (the capital of Kazakhstan!). Really beautiful and interesting names! This card was so lovely and chatty which is always such a joy to receive!

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Snowy Finland

FinSnowThis beautiful snow-scape comes from Elisa in Finland. She tells me it’s currently -21°C there at the moment! Sounds horrible, I get cold at anything below +5°C! Luckily, she says she was able to escape to Madeira recently. I bet it was warmer there! Anyway, the picture is stunning.

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A Priest of an Ethiopian Orthodox Church!

EthiopiaI feel so privileged to have received this card from Chitra in Ethiopia, covered in beautiful stamps on the back too! She tells me Ethiopia officially adopted Christianity in the 4th century and as a result there are many ancient and beautiful churches such as this one. She tells me the priest in the photo is holding up an Ethiopian cross and an old illustrated bible, written in Ye’ez (a now dead language). Wonderful card and so unique!

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