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A Guatemalan Package!

on January 17, 2013




These beautiful cards and amazing 1 Quetzal note came as a lovely surprise from Erick in Guatemala. I absolutely LOVE these cards – I am in love with all things Mesoamerican anyway, so these were just perfect! The first card shows  Central Park in Erick’s hometown and in it you can see the Town Hall and the main church. He tells me that over Christmas, the park is lit up with beautiful lights – sounds pretty! The hill in the background is called the Baul from where you can see the whole city – apparently at the top there is a cute little park which gets very busy at the weekends (not surprising really)! The second card shows the chain of volcanoes that cross Guatemala, with Atitlan Lake in the centre (very touristic). Many of the volcanoes are active but only a couple (Santiaguito and Pacaya) are considered dangerous. Erick tells me his hometown is close to Santiaguito! Absolutely stunning cards and so interesting too! Love, love, LOVE them!


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