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My First Lord of the Rings Card!

on January 23, 2013

LotrHobbitsWell, I just LOVE this card from Šárka in the Czech Republic. There’s something about Lord of the Rings pictures that takes me back to being an eleven year old discovering the first film she ever fell in love with in her life. And although I’m no longer quite as obsessive over the films as I used to be, I still adore them. So to receive this card brought me a huge amount of joy! She told me she chose this card from her pack of LOTR cards because it’s her favourite so she thought I’d like it too – how lovely! And she’s also been kind enough to include a vintage stamp from Czechoslovakia in 1968! Amazing! Šárka also mentions how she, like me, loves camping and spent a week last year in the Alps with nothing more than a tent, food and clothes. Sounds absolutely perfect to me! One of the nicest postcards I have ever received!

2 responses to “My First Lord of the Rings Card!

  1. Šárka says:

    This made me so happy!!! 🙂 Thank you!

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