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South Africa’s Best Postcard

on January 28, 2013

Tortoises!So my friend Ruhan and I had a competition to find the ‘best postcards’ our countries could offer. So there I was, expecting natural beauty and fantastic views of South Africa, when THIS arrived through my door! Yes, he seriously thinks it is the best and speaks of its wonderful artistic nature and beauty! Some people eh?

Okay, okay… That’s a complete lie and he may kill me for saying that. The competition was for the worst, most awful and bizarre postcards we could find, so this one is actually perfect and I totally cracked up when I got this. We just don’t have anything similar for sale in Guernsey! I also LOVE how Mr. Tortoise looks like he’s having the time of his life while Mrs. Tortoise looks less than amused! Ruhan says it is the first in a series of awful postcards and that he’s not quite sure when pervy tortoises became postcard material. He also says not to get him started on a caption. On that note, if anyone can think of a good one, fire away. Hilarious card! Love it!


5 responses to “South Africa’s Best Postcard

  1. Nicky Parker says:

    Mr T: “Back a bit, back a bit…. Aaarrgh! I still can’t reach!”
    Mrs T: “How much will you shell out if I do?”

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