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Bagan Monuments

MyanmarThis beautiful card comes from 10 year old Shirly in Myanmar (Burma) who sent me this postcard with her class. It shows the ancient site of Bagan, where there are about 2000 of these beautiful monuments covering 16 square miles. Fascinating. And my first (and likely only ever) postcard from Myanmar! I love it!

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A Chinese Cartoon

ChinaCartoonThis cute card comes from Littlepai in China who has used a special postmark of a famous bridge in Shanghai called “Nine Zigzag Bridge” (the name is self-explanatory), she kindly teaches me how to say hello in Cantonese “Ni Hao” and wishes me a happy birthday for April 5th. Lovely card!

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Shapla Square

ShaplaSquareThis very urban view comes from Sumanto in Bangladesh and is my first from the country after a couple of failed swaps with other postcrossers. It shows Shapla Square in Motjiheel and its famous waterlily fountain. He’s also used some great stamps which are always interesting to see! Awesome card!

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DresdenThis pretty card comes from Elvira in Germany and shows lots of images of Dresden. I particularly like the post-bombing image on the top left, haunting but fascinating. Awesome card!

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Little My Counts!


This very cute card comes from Lyo in Japan and shows a very cheerful looking Little My learning to count. Adorable!

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The Nebra Sky Disc

SkyDiscThis stunning card comes from Sabine and Martin in Germany and shows the Nebra sky disc – something which I interestingly learned quite a lot about during my degree.  The disc is Bronze Age and shows stars, the sun and a crescent moon with the two long discs representing solstices – fascinating. Awesome card!

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Wonderful Ruhan!

TableMountainMy good friend Ruhan, in South Africa, went on a trip to Cape Town a while ago and when he returned, he could not stop telling me how wonderful the postcards there were. You may remember the Zulu pot card that he sent for my ‘awful postcard challenge’, well, I thought that that was my one and only Cape Town postcard. Well, I was wrong! So that you can understand how wonderful it was for me to receive this card, I’ll directly write what it says on the back.

“Oh Monica! You didn’t really think I would visit Cape Town and only send you an awful postcard, did you? Did you?! Anyway I waited a few days to send this one as I didn’t want both to arrive on the same day.” Now that is some true evil genius! I laughed so much when I got the card, because he was right, a little bit of me was jealous of all the people who got beautiful Cape Town postcards! So to receive this wonderful card showing Table Mountain in a beautiful light was just perfect for me. Love it!

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Portuguese Prehistory!

PortugalDolmenThis fascinating card comes from Jose in Portugal, but what is really great is that he has taken the time to explain the image. He tells me that there are many prehistoric sites in Portugal and that dolmens (like the one in this card) are particularly common and that he loves discovering traces of the past through ancient monuments such as this. Amazing!

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Betty’s Dream

DreamCardThis sweet card comes from Hannah in the Netherlands and she tells me that she misunderstood my postcrossing profile where I have a ‘dream cards’ list and thought I wanted cards about dreams and that she only realised her mistake after she’d written the address on. It doesn’t matter though, it’s very cute.

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The Red Back Spider

RedBackThis quirky shaped postcard comes from my good friend Michael in Australia who always loves telling me about the local creepy crawlies! This one is a red back spider and he tells me that although they aren’t too dangerous, you wouldn’t want to get bitten by one as they are poisonous! It definitely looks like they could give out a nasty bite. Luckily they aren’t common in clean homes though but old, messy buildings are their favourite places. Well, all the more reason for kids to tidy their bedrooms I guess!

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