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Wonderful Ruhan!

on March 26, 2013

TableMountainMy good friend Ruhan, in South Africa, went on a trip to Cape Town a while ago and when he returned, he could not stop telling me how wonderful the postcards there were. You may remember the Zulu pot card that he sent for my ‘awful postcard challenge’, well, I thought that that was my one and only Cape Town postcard. Well, I was wrong! So that you can understand how wonderful it was for me to receive this card, I’ll directly write what it says on the back.

“Oh Monica! You didn’t really think I would visit Cape Town and only send you an awful postcard, did you? Did you?! Anyway I waited a few days to send this one as I didn’t want both to arrive on the same day.” Now that is some true evil genius! I laughed so much when I got the card, because he was right, a little bit of me was jealous of all the people who got beautiful Cape Town postcards! So to receive this wonderful card showing Table Mountain in a beautiful light was just perfect for me. Love it!


One response to “Wonderful Ruhan!

  1. CatherineTs says:

    Haha this made me laugh! Friends who send postcards are tops in my books (those who send two are just gold!)

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