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Historical Egypt!

pyramidsAsswanMy first postcards from Egypt! I was so happy to receive these from a friend I made on writing website Wattpad, Mai! She tells me she chose these cards to show her country’s beautiful history but that she chose a combination of famous (pyramids) and less famous (a temple in Asswan). The temple has, in fact, been flooded by the Nile in this picture, which makes it even more beautiful, I think. Really cheerful and lovely cards! Made my day to get these!

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Vintage Paris

ParisVintageI really love this vintage-style card from Alexandra in France who tells me (in French) that she lives in Fontainebleau but that she loves Paris and the Eiffel Tower – it is definitely a beautiful city and I love this unusual view of it!

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Cape Kamenny

KamenyCapeThis pretty card comes from Anna in Russia and shows Cape Kamenny in the north of the country. The sea looks very cold, I have to say! Beautiful though!

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A Sniff Greetings Card

SniffThis cute card comes from Hellen in Estonia, admittedly it is a greetings card which kind of defeats the object of postcrossing and she hasn’t written on it either, but it is redeemed by the fact the envelope was covered in beautiful stamps and also, who doesn’t love Sniff! He is too cute!

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A Picture Map of Japan

japanpicmapThis cute map card comes from Miwa in Japan. I love the fun style! Miwa tells me that plum blossoms are just coming into bloom in Tokyo and that cherry blossoms will join them by the end of the month. Sounds beautiful. Happy spring everyone!


Mespelbrunn Castle

MespellbrunThis lovely card comes from Thea in Germany and shows Mespelbrunn Castle under a beautiful yellow sky. She tells me this castle is about 50 miles from her home and that it’s a wonderful place to visit – it looks it! She says her favourite country is Namibia because of the wildlife and that she’ll visit it for the sixth time this year – jealous!

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The Aran Valley Pond

Vall d'AranThis striking card comes from Cristina in Spain who tells me that her partner has a little cottage in the Pyrenees where they often stay. It is situated in the Aran Valley, very close to this beautiful pond (Oles Pond) which she tells me contains many frogs, toads, trees and other wildlife. Sounds idyllic! Beautiful!

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Tuscany via Germany

TuscanyVillaThis beautiful card comes from Christa in Germany but it actually shows a villa in Tuscany where she went recently. I love this picture, it’s very striking and the sky looks very broody, but the house seems to have been there forever! Very beautiful and peaceful image!

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Hedgehog in the Fog

RussianHedgehogI really love “Hedgehog in the Fog” so I was so thrilled to get this adorable card from Olga in Russia! She tells me that when she posted this card, in February, it was -12 degrees!! Wow. Cold! She also mentions that her son is called Miroslav (beautiful Serbian name) and that she loves cross-stitch and is currently making a design for her friend. Lovely card!

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Baltimore Aquarium

BaltimoreMy first card from the state of Maryland in the USA comes from Barrett in Baltimore and shows the National Aquarium which is apparently a seven floor building with exhibits from all over the world. Sounds awesome!

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