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South Dakota

SouthDakotaPicsThis awesome card showing various scenes of South Dakota comes from Carolyn who lives with her family in Pierre, the state capital. The pictures (clockwise) show Mount Rushmore, a bison, Badlands, the Capitol at Pierre, Corn Palace, a ring-necked pheasant, Cathedral Spires and a Pasque flower. Awesome card!

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Moomintroll is Hoovered

MoominHooverThis quirky shaped card comes from Martina in Finland and although I can’t remember the actual storyline of what is happening in the picture, it definitely rings a bell! Brilliant (and very cute) card!

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HamburgThis pretty card comes from Tina in Germany and shows Hamburg city hall and river. Beautiful. Tina tells me that her favourite quote is: “The longest way starts with the smallest step”. Very inspirational! Great card!

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Mountains and Rivers

RiversandMountainsThis cool card comes from Lena in Russia and shows a comparison of major mountain heights and river lengths around the world which is a pretty cool idea! Lena tells me that she has a degree in Culturology, which sounds super interesting! She also mentions that her favourite name is her son’s name: Miroslav. Lovely!

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A Korean Funeral

KoreaFuneralThis weird card  comes from Cindy in South Korea who chose it to add to my awful postcards challenge! It certainly is odd, a ‘comical’ traditional funeral procession! She tells me that she lives in Munsan, 7km from the demilitarised zone and that her favourite girls names are Antonia, Talitha, Lorelei and Fiona and that for boys she likes Willian Aiden Calum and Etienne. Very cool! Awesome card!

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Chiva Bus!

ColombiaThis card is possibly my overall favourite card that I have ever received – all the way from Gina in Colombia! It shows a traditional Chiva bus, used as transport in the mountains. She tells me that they also exist for tourist purposes in cities and on the Caribbean coast but that the real ones are ones such as these – used by the locals in the Andes. Amazing card, absolutely stunning!

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My First From Algeria!

algeriaThis card comes from Faiza in Algeria and shows the train station of her hometown – Annaba! Unusual choice of place to put on a postcard I think, but it’s interesting to see the architecture in other countries and this card is no exception!

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Lush Finland


This has to be one of my favourite Finnish view-cards I have ever received, I love seeing how lush and green the country is as opposed to the usual snowscapes! Sent from Marjatta, she tells me Lapland is only ever this green in the summer – I’m not surprised! I’m not sure Guernsey is ever that green even with our more southerly latitude!

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Another fantastic addition to my Hobbit collection, this awesome card comes from Sue in New Zealand. She tells me (in immaculate handwriting) that when she is busy, her favourite foods are pita bread or tacos as they are quick and yummy! Sounds good to me!

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My Favourite Big Cat


This fantastic card comes from Elisabeth in Germany and shows my favourite big cat – the jaguar. When you see pictures like this, it isn’t hard to understand why this regal creature featured so heavily in Maya and Aztec mythology. Amazing! Elisabeth tells me she loves all cats – domestic and wild and believes that protecting endangered species such as the jaguar and tiger is fundamental – I couldn’t agree more! Stunning card with a wonderful explanation of why she chose to send it!

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