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The Life Size Moomin House!

on April 9, 2013

MoominHouseDance MoominHouseNightThese two beautiful cards come from Riita in Finland (who previously sent me a card of Snuffkin), whilst reading my blog she came across my post showing a Moomin doll’s house where I said I wished I could live in a life-size one. She tells me that although I can’t live there (shame), MoominWorld in Naantali, Finland, provides this enormous replica of the house in the book. She reminds me that Moomins sleep during winter which is why there are none in the second picture. Such a lovely surprise to receive these cards and Riita’s even been kind enough to use two funny stamps of Finnish outdoor toilets. Awesome!


One response to “The Life Size Moomin House!

  1. Sartenada says:

    Photos from:


    It includes some Moomins photos.

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