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Colourful Moomins!

on April 11, 2013


This card from Tiina in Finland has to be one of my favourite Moomins cards. I just love the original pictures and how much expression they have. Too cute! Tiina has also used an awesome Easter stamp and tells me that in Finland they eat chocolate eggs and Mammi (a traditional chilled dessert) on Easter. Yummy!


2 responses to “Colourful Moomins!

  1. Eva says:

    I’m also a postcards lover (any kind of mail indeed). I arrived to your blog from a blog of your friend (I think) of

    As I’m currently living in Morocco, I was checking what Moroccan postcards do you have in your collections. And I wonder why this Moomin postcard is tagged under “Morocco”. Well, just curiosity 😉

    You have a nice blog, I’ll follow it!

    • mailmon says:

      Hi Eva!

      Good spot! Ha! Thanks! Yeah, it was probably meant to be tagged as Moomins but I accidentally clicked Morocco instead. Thanks for pointing this out! I’m going to change it now! If you ever want to swap postcards, you can always email me at I don’t check this email every day, but will always get back to requests eventually 🙂

      Happy New Year!

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