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Cape Cod!

CapeCodThis great card comes from Papa Skip in Massachusetts, USA. He tells me that if you were to sail east from his town across the Atlantic, the first landmass you’d hit would be Portugal! Amazing! I love weird facts like that – I hadn’t realised quite how the US is geographically aligned in relation to Europe. He also tells me that his town has a lot of history and that the neighbouring town of Plymouth (presumably named after England’s town of the same name) was where the pilgrims landed in 1620 and established the first permanent town in the USA. Apparently his town is also known for its cranberries! Such an interesting postcard! Awesome!

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A German Poem

NaturePoemThis beautiful card comes from Gisi in Germany who translates the poem (I’ll write it exactly how she does, despite the errors, since I have no idea what it actually means!): “Because wander off into the distance, the joyful look and everywhere life, lush pursuit, sunshine everywhere.” Lovely. I also love the stunning view – green mountains are a personal favourite of mine!

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A Babylonian Frieze

BabylonPaintingThis interesting card is strangely my second card from Paul in the Netherlands. As he prints his messages on his postcards, I have exactly the same message about his town as I did last time, but never mind! The picture is interesting and shows a Babylonian frieze in a museum in Berlin.

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Rügen Island

RugenThis great card comes from Anke in Germany who tells me that it shows Rügen, Germany’s largest island. She says that once it was part of a chalk plateau and that now the chalk cliffs are renowned across the country. Beautiful!

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The Temple of the Dawn

Temple of DawnI work in a Thai cafe so it is really great to get another card from Thailand – this time from Jirat who welcomes me to the “Kingdom of Smiles”! I love how different every card I’ve received from Thailand is, but all are so beautiful!

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The Bell Tower – Xi’an

ChineseBellTowerThis cool card comes from Daqian in China and shows the Bell Tower of Xi’an City. He tells me that Xi’an was once the capital of many dynasties such as the Qin and Tang. Pretty card.

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A Strange Card

BelarusBlankI wasn’t sure how to upload this card without showing my address (which fills the space on the right) or Natalie and Andrew’s (who sent this card) which fills the space on the left. There is no image on the front of this card… or maybe this is the front. I’m a little unsure! Regardless, all the way from Belarus,they have kindly written an Easter quote for me: “The budding trees, the new flowers and birds that sweetly sing, whisper to me that it’s Easter.” Slightly odd as it was sent two weeks after Easter and received two weeks after that! Anyway, the sentiment is appreciated.


A Russian Panorama


CuronianSpit2This is actually all one card (too long to fit in my scanner) kindly sent by Andrew in Russia. This was part of a direct swap and apparently he took a little while to get round to sending the card as he says “лучше поздно, чем никогда” (better late than never). I didn’t even notice, mail from Russia can take so long anyway! He tells me that the card shows the Curonian Spit – the longest spit in the world (98km), which separates the Curonian lagoon from the Baltic Sea. Apparently it was formed about 600 years ago! I love informative cards like this!

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Estonian Wildlife

EstoniaWildlifeThis pretty card comes from Ainika in Estonia, I love it because it really shows off the wildlife and natural beauty of the country which I don’t know much about! I also love the autumnal colours – very pretty!

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PastaThis funky card comes from Joachim in Germany. He tells me that he loves pasta because it’s easy and delicious – I couldn’t agree more! Love this fun card!

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