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Creepy Russia

on July 10, 2013

postcards_2_2This postcard comes from Anna in Russia who messaged me a couple of months ago offering me a ‘creepy’ card for my collection. I wasn’t sure what to expect but this definitely made me laugh. My second card of a recently deceased mummy! Here you can see Moscow, the Red Square and Lenin’s corpse. Ana wonders why anyone would want to receive this type of card from Moscow! It’s true, but Lenin was a very idolised figure, so I guess it makes sense. She also tells me that she loves the sound ‘r’ so her favourite girl’s name is Varvara and she also loves the name Dmitry for a boy. Great (albeit weird) card!

2 responses to “Creepy Russia

  1. Igor Mikhaylov says:

    It’s quite ironic that the sender of the postcard loves the letter “R,” because Lenin had a speech impediment and could not pronounce the letter “R.” :-p

  2. whythisbox says:

    Lol!! That’s pretty creepy indeed! 😛 Checked out your ‘Awful Postcard Competition’.. some pretty hilarious entries there! If i come across any awful postcards I’ll be sure to send them your way for this competition! hehe 😛

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