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My Little Sister Finishes School

on July 10, 2013

postcards_2_2_2 postcards_2

These two cards come from my sister Peaches in England who tells me she has finally finished her A Levels and is done with school! The first card shows my hometown of Ware in Hertfordshire and the second is from London Zoo where she went with a friend to celebrate the end of their lives at school! The penguin is London Zoo’s only rockhopper and is called Ricky. I love how grumpy he looks! Peaches also tells me that they saw the Deadly Birds display there but that they didn’t seem so ‘deadly’ when they learned their names – Cyril and Stan! Haha! The Ware postcard shows some typical views of the town – the statue of a ‘Bluecoat Boy’ from when there used to be a historic boys’ school in the house I used to live in, alongside a High Street view and the canal with its gazebos. Awesome cards!

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