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One For The Collection!

on July 29, 2013

postcards2Any long-term follower of my blog may well remember Igor from the USA with whom I did a direct swap and then postcrossing picked him for me to send an ID card to, initiating further swaps and a new follower for my blog! He has always been very helpful with my deciphering of some of my eastern European (specifically Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian) cards and I really appreciate his kindness. So it was a wonderful surprise to receive this hilarious card from him in the mail the other day to add to my creepy/awful/strange postcards collection and isn’t it just great? He bought it in Tombstone Arizona which was apparently renowned for its ‘justice’ system in the 1800’s… hmm! I just love these tombstones though! Awesome card! I’d be interested to know though (maybe Igor can help here…?) what came first – Tombstone’s name or its nature?

3 responses to “One For The Collection!

  1. Igor Mikhaylov says:

    Haha, oh no, have I indavertenly became a blog celebrety? (joke). I am a bit of Tombstone connoisseur. Tombstone – city name came first!!! As I recall a brief documentary in Tombstone museum (narrated by Vincent Price), an army scout from a near by Fort Huachuca was searching for precious metals in the local mountains. His friends were making fun of him, telling him to becareful since the area is a rough desert and made comments along the lines of
    “you might have to pack your coffin with you on your scouting trips, since all you will find there is your tombstone.” When he found large amounts of silver, he jokingly/spitefully named the town “Tombstone.” Kind of like, “Told You So, I am right!” The reason for so much “justice” out there is because it was a really rough place. Arizona wasn’t a state, it was a territory. It was right on Mexican border. It was literally in the middle of nowhere. Now, add to it, the greed for silver and cattle rustling, sprinkle a bit of raids by the Apaches and Chiricahua Indians and you have a recipe for the most dangerous place at that time in United States. No wonder, people were jumpy and ready to hang anything that moved.

    • mailmon says:

      Yes! My favourite blog celebrity! Haha!

      As always your explanation is so interesting! I love finding out more about stuff I don’t know much/anything about and somehow you seem to always be the one giving me my worldly education! Thank you! And thanks again for the card 🙂

  2. whythisbox says:

    What a fun card! 🙂

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