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A New Country…!

on August 5, 2013

BeaumarisWithout realising it, my mother sent me this beautiful card from a new country: Wales! It has long evaded me, for  no particular reason! I have been there countless times and even have family there, but for some reason it has never graced my mailbox with its presence. But it certainly arrived in style today! Just look at that stunning castle! My mum tells me that it ‘even has a moat WITH water’ – perhaps a dig at my dad who used to drag us around ‘castles’ as children which could in many cases be better described as mounds of earth perhaps one or two inches above the ground (if we were lucky… sometimes the contours could only be seen from aerial photographs taken in a particular light) where once, hundreds of years ago, a small castle once stood. In contrast to those – which often took several hours of walking to reach – this one is particularly grand! And I do love British castles. They are just something else! Thanks Mum! Love this card!

2 responses to “A New Country…!

  1. Beatrice says:

    She called me asking if I wanted anything.. I said I didn’t but she should send you a card, which she said was a great idea!

    (So, basically, you might not have got that postcard if I hadn’t suggested she got you one!)

    But that castle’s a huge improvement on the ground we pretended we found interesting! And it was apparently warm in Wales as well… Also an improvement on our holidays!

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