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Oh man… It’s Oman!

on August 12, 2013

OmanForgive the poor pun in the title but this wonderful surprise arrived today from Cresalde (I hope I spelled the name right, it’s difficult to read) in Oman. My beloved postcrossing angel (he is an angel, for sure), Ruhan, arranged for this specific card to be sent to me during a swap he was doing with the Omani and he knows me well enough to see this card and understand that it exactly the sort of card I love and I was certainly surprised to receive it! For once he managed to keep the secret! It is perfect for me! It shows Al-Sebani village although, having tried to research it, I can’t find any information on it, other than historical villages like this exist all over the country, built purely from mud and natural resources, reflecting the traditional Omani ways of life. What a fantastic card! A new favourite!

Edit: Since I’ve had requests to show the elusive Omani stamps, here they are!



3 responses to “Oh man… It’s Oman!

  1. Igor says:

    This is such a rarity. Would you mind scanning the stamp to show your faithful followers? Really curious what could they be printing on them!!! Thanks

    • mailmon says:

      Your wish is my command! Haha, here they are! (I have no idea why the image is showing so enormous, but when I click ‘edit’ the picture is small, so I don’t know what’s going on there. Anyway – all the better for detail!) Hope you like them 🙂

  2. Igor says:

    Oh boy, Oboy! Thanks so much. Very interesting. To me, nothing speaks more about the country than the stamps the government decides to print. Postcards maybe done by local enthusiasts, but stamps are controlled by government, so they are almost a message to the World. Like, look at our poets, or look at our flora and fauna, look how technologically we are advanced. But in this case, I see two knives. Don’t mess with Oman, they really means business.

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