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Hear Me Roar

on August 21, 2013

postcards2_2This great card comes from Jan in Canada as part of a swap and it is SO awesome! I just love it! As with many Game of Thrones fans, Tyrion Lannister is probably my favourite character. I love his wit and sharp-tongue but also how fantastically he is described and developed both in the books and the show. So here he is in all his glory, played by the awesome Peter Dinklage. The title of this post is very (incredibly) geeky – Hear Me Roar being the Lannister family motto. Anyway, Jan designed this card herself as she said she looked far and wide but could not find an actual Game of Thrones card – understandably difficult, I’ve looked myself! She suggests someone should make a book of them! Great idea – any takers?! She asks what my favourite and least favourite parts of living in Guernsey are, stating the lack of shopping would be her downfall! Ha! Well, my favourite bit would probably be the proximity to a beach in summer. My least favourite? How small it is. I miss being able to roam! Great card, thanks Jan!

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