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Stormy Malta

postcards2_2This spectacular card from Valentina in Malta is just stunningly beautiful and is my first from the tiny country. Malta is a small, independent island in the Mediterranean Sea, one of the world’s smallest, but most densely populated countries. Valentina, who has recently moved there from Bulgaria, says she is looking forward to choppy seas in winter since she loves the cold. She tells me that the yellow stone used in all these buildings is typical in Malta and that her favourite name is Dimitar – her son’s and father’s name – which has its origins in the Greek Goddess Demetra. Lovely card! I think it really shows the calm before the storm perfectly!


Castle Point, Guadeloupe

postcards_2This stunning card from a brand new country for me, Guadeloupe, comes from Olga, who tells me that Castle Point (in the picture) is the eastern-most point on the island and is where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic. Looks like a fantastic place for surfing! Apparently the cross on the headland is a historic monument which was built to bless ships as they passed by. What a beautiful, informative card. Thank you Olga!

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Colorado Archaeology

postcards_3This wonderful card comes from Igor in the USA who always surprises me with his thoughtfulness by sending me awesome cards like this one! This ceramic pitcher dates to around 900-1000 AD and is virtually unique in style due to the lizard handle. Amazing! Found in one of Colorado’s famous Pueblos, it is of course Pre-Columbian, Native American. Fascinating. Thank you Igor, it’s so interesting!

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Moin, Moin!

postcardsMy good friend Hannah in Germany sent me this card of Flensburg, in the north of the country where she was staying with her sister who has just moved in with her boyfriend (congratulations, Hannah’s sister!), she tells me that ‘moin, moin’ is a traditional regional greeting there! Awesome stuff!

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Beautiful Holland

postcards2This beautiful shaped postcard comes from Chun in the Netherlands who tells me he chose this card to show off the countries ‘flat’ beauty (because there are no real hills or mountains). Of course, Holland is famous for both its tulips and its windmills so this pretty card really sums it up nicely, I think!

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Stunning Cantal

postcards_3I can’t believe this spectacular photo was taken in France! This beautiful card comes from Isabelle, who has written to me in French (and I didn’t even need to use google translate! How proud I feel!) and tells me of her love of the nature which surrounds her. I cannot express how lucky I think she is to live in a place like this. Thankfully, she takes full advantage of it, walking and enjoying the tranquility of nature and birdsong. How lucky you are, Isabelle!

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The Salmon River

postcards_4Perhaps one of my all-time favourite US cards, this one comes from Lenny in Idaho, showing some of the spectacular scenery in the state. Here, the Salmon river winds through a canyon on its way to meet the Snake river before it hits the Pacific. This view is just stunning, what I wouldn’t give to live somewhere like this! Lenny tells me the river is also known as The River of No Return. Fascinating!

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Dunmoe Castle

postcards_2There is something about Irish cards which makes them always beautiful I think… or maybe it’s just that Ireland itself is stunning! This one, showing Dunmoe Castle, built in the 15th century and burned down in 1799, is from German-born Claudia who says she is lucky enough to live near the castle! I am jealous!

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Hagasund Villa

postcardsThis card comes from Leyla in Finland and it shows Hagasund Villa in Helsinki which is famous for its Neoclassical style. It’s always interesting to get cards showing different types of architecture, I think.

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Polish Storks

postcards_2Natalia in Poland kindly sent me this great card from the village of Zywkowo in the north east of the country. She explains that every year there are as many as 50 stork nests in the village and it is known as the ‘stork capital of Poland’ – amazing! She says each spring around 100 storks arrive and come late summer, 200 will leave. I had no idea! She is also kind enough to translate the quote “forgiveness brings freedom, both to the one who forgives and to the one who is forgiven” by Ewa Glinska. I love it when people really take the time to explain a card and educate me – especially as I can now pass on the message to all you guys! Thanks Natalia, love this card!

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