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I’m a T-Rex, hear me ROAR

on October 16, 2013

postcards_4Here’s a card from my sister on a trip to the Natural History Museum in London, showing an exhibit that I’m sure any child visitor from the past 10 years can remember being scared of. This animatronic T-Rex moves and roars at unsuspecting visitors to the museum and is (unsurprisingly) in the Dinosaurs section of the museum which is always the busiest. When I was a child, Mr T-Rex here wasn’t in existence yet, but his predecessors were some nasty raptors, ripping flesh from a very dead diplodocus. I remember being very upset at the display. Now, it’s impossible to walk through the dinosaur section without hearing at least one crying child due to Mr T here. Anyway, my sister tells me she visited the museum with her friend and enjoyed many of the traditional exhibits. This picture really is a blast from the past for me!


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