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Coca Cola

postcards3_2From the wonderful Brandy and Bayley mother and daughter team in the USA, I received this great card along with a Christmas card and a whole array of beautifully Christmassy items! Made my day to receive it! She tells me that in Michigan, winter is beginning to arrive and they had their first snowfall the day before she wrote this and the card shows a mural in her favourite lunch shop “The French Laundry”. Awesome! Thank you so much guys!

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postcards3From Anis, Indonesia, comes this lovely card of Bali, which is supposedly one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Although, to be honest, I think that a lot of islands could claim that! Although it is perhaps the most famous, Bali is actually Indonesia’s smallest province, but still has a population of over 3 million, swelling enormously in tourist season. It is also home to most of Indonesia’s Hindu minority. Fascinating. Beautiful card too!

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Utah Snow

postcards3_3This cool card comes from my friend Princess who is currently studying in Utah, USA. I love this since I think it takes people away from the stereotypical view of just hot, dry desert. I, for one, didn’t know that since the 1980s, Utah has defined its ski slopes as having “The Greatest Snow on Earth” as it is always dry and fluffy. In fact, I admit, I didn’t even know Utah had a ski industry… Learned something new today!

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Stormy Empire State Building

postcards3This amazing, wonderful card comes from Australian Kristie, on holiday in the USA. You may remember Kristie as the sender of my beloved Antarctica maxicard! Well, she sure knows how to pick her cards. I just love this one! So beautiful! The Empire State Building, which was the tallest building in the world between 1931 and 1970, is one of the USA’s most iconic landmarks – unsurprising when you see images like this! Thanks Kristie!

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My First Christmas Postcard

postcards3_3This lovely card comes from Eva in Finland and shows a classic seasonal image by the artist Rudolf Koivu – one of Finland’s most famous illustrators. Not much more to say about this one other than I hope it’s getting you slowly warmed up into festive mode!

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A Genuine Surprise!

postcards3_4One of my blog followers, Kara (who I didn’t even know before this card arrived in the mail!) took the initiative to send me this wonderful card of East Anglia, England. I just love it! And her card is so cheerful too! So, here you can see (clockwise): Colchester Castle (a small Norman castle – beautiful!), The Orwell Bridge, Willy Lott’s Cottage (one of Kara’s favourite places in the world, made famous by John Constable, who painted the house of his friend Willy Lott, who apparently only ever spent four nights away from the cottage in his entire 84 year life!) and St Osyth’s Priory (one of Essex’s largest monasteries and in use from the 12th to the 16th century). Now, this is a wonderful card for several reasons, firstly because it reminds me of home. I lived most of my life in the neighbouring county of Hertfordshire, but secondly, in the days of TOWIE and unfortunate news reports, the beauty of Essex is being forgotten and replaced with unfortunate presuppositions. So here you have it: beautiful Essex.

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postcards3_2This cute card comes from Hannes in Germany and shows his town of Datteln. He tells me that the inscription on the card reads: Greatest channel crossing point in the world! A grand claim! But he explains that four rivers meet in Datteln and that the view is you can travel the whole world from them by boat, if you’re that way inclined! He is also kind enough to explain the other images: the harbour, the marketplace, the town hall… lovely! And as if the whole thing wasn’t informative enough, Hannes even tells me that traditionally, Datteln was part of the Ruhrgebiet – the coal and steel mining district of Germany. These days though, the main industries are IT and telecoms (and, sadly, he tells me, unemployment). Such a fantastic card, and I love that Hannes has been so informative. Saves me having to research it and it’s interesting!

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Autumnal England

postcards3Another stunning autumnal card, this time from Richard in England. I just love it! The colours, the mist rising of the waters… it all reminds me of home. These gardens are the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens in Hampshire and wow, do they look beautiful! Thanks Richard!

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Finger Lakes

postcards3_2This stunning autumnal view comes from Charlotte in the USA and shows the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York where she lives. She tells me the area is just full of falls, hills and farmland. Beautiful! I also had a little chuckle at the very stereotypical typed description on the back of the card by the postcard company. “The Finger Lakes region is the perfect place for a casual car ride…” Car ride. CAR RIDE. Because let’s face it, who would want to WALK in an area of such extreme beauty? Well, if I ever go there, I’m walking because it is just stunning!

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Sent from the wonderful Mervin in Honduras I received this perfect card and man do I love it! For those of you who don’t know, Copan was a Maya site in use for about two thousand years right through prehistory, but the remains which you see in this image relate to the Classic Maya phase between the 5th and 9th centuries AD. Anyone who has been following my blog knows I am an avid student of the Maya and studied them in depth as part of my Archaeology degree. And for this reason, Copan is particularly close to my heart. My dissertation was about maize imagery in Maya art and it just so happens that Copan was the site responsible for a whole load of those – you can even see some in this stela shown in the card! But I won’t go on about that too much right now. I am, however, going to rattle on about this site for anyone who is interested. Before I do though, just wanted to point out that those are macaws on the left, Mervin tells me they are Honduras’s national bird and were sacred to the Maya – something I didn’t know! So, at it’s peak, it is estimated that approximately 20,000 people lived in Copan with a hinterland of at least 25,000 more. When you think of it in terms of a civilisation which didn’t require the wheel, it’s pretty impressive! The image on the top right also shows a ball court – where the famous Maya ‘ball-game’ was played – something often depicted in artwork, but the rules of which remain a mystery to archaeologists. The bottom right shows one of the many platforms at the site, built in the typical Maya fashion. Such a wonderful card! I absolutely love it! Can you tell?!

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