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Something Else Weird…

on November 6, 2013

postcardsAlright Dilyana, what is weirder than your penis-sheathed skeleton card? Oh, right, yeah, this card from Maud in the Netherlands who bought it on a trip to Israel. It shows a water skin, within which the Bar Kokhba letters were found in the Cave of Letters in the early 1960s. Not so weird in itself, but as a postcard image, a little strange. However! That being said! How interesting is this? These letters date back to 132-135 AD during the Bar Kokhba Revolt and show direct correspondence between the Jewish leader Bar Kokhba and his subordinates, documenting historical events. Fascinating! Thanks Maud, for such an interesting archaeological card!

One response to “Something Else Weird…

  1. Dilyana says:

    Oh, dear lord! 😀 hahah
    But I still think nothing could beat my skeleton card 😀

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