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A Pictorial Map of Russia

on November 15, 2013

postcards3_2This adorable card comes from Marina in Russia and it is just too sweet! What a fun way to represent a country! Marina tells me she lives in the Urals (the mountain range down the middle) which separate European Russia from Asian Russia. And on the card we can see the major cities – Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Vladivostok to name a few (interesting fact about Vladivostok that I always like to throw out there, владивосток – in cyrillic – comes from the two words влади (Vladi – meaning ‘ruler’) and восток (meaning east), translating as the ruler of the east). Of course, across the length of the map we can also see the world famous Siberian Railway. Lovely card!

Edit: Huge thanks to Igor for enlightening me more about this. Where before, I thought that Vlad (the man’s name) was the ruler, he has actually informed me that Vladi means ruler. Silly me! You can read his comment below for more information.


2 responses to “A Pictorial Map of Russia

  1. Igor says:

    So let me start out as saying, you are right. Vladivostok means “Ruler of the East,” but not “Vlad, Ruler of the East” because that would be redundant, like saying Vladvladivostok. Vladi means RULER. Vlad is a male name, which also means RULER. Vlad is not a full name, it’s a short name, like Bob to Robert or Bill William. So Vlad should have something following it. It can either be Vladislav or Vladimir, which then would mean Ruler of the Slavs or Ruler of the World (probably an antique word for land).

    Vlad the Impaler, the vampire from Transylvania, was actually Wladislaus (Vladislav), not just Vlad. It’s like saying English King Richard III, was Dick or calling Elizabeth II, Beth or Betty.

    But… at the end of the day… you are still right, Vladivostok – RULER OF THE EAST!!! I love that name too.


    • mailmon says:

      I just KNEW you would comment on this one 😉 thanks also for clarifying this… very interesting! It was something I remember discussing with a teacher when I was about 14 – I asked what Vladi meant since we had just learned directional words. She explained about Ruler of the east, but I think over the years I must have gotten a little confused.
      Of course, I knew Vladimir and Vladislav were names but I cannot say how grateful I am for you explaining their meanings to me! I have a total fascination with etymology – ESPECIALLY of names, so this is like a little bonus for me. This is why I post about cards – to learn more.

      I will edit the post accordingly.

      Thanks for revitalising my 14 year old mind and re-educating me 😀


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