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on November 22, 2013

postcards3_2This cute card comes from Hannes in Germany and shows his town of Datteln. He tells me that the inscription on the card reads: Greatest channel crossing point in the world! A grand claim! But he explains that four rivers meet in Datteln and that the view is you can travel the whole world from them by boat, if you’re that way inclined! He is also kind enough to explain the other images: the harbour, the marketplace, the town hall… lovely! And as if the whole thing wasn’t informative enough, Hannes even tells me that traditionally, Datteln was part of the Ruhrgebiet – the coal and steel mining district of Germany. These days though, the main industries are IT and telecoms (and, sadly, he tells me, unemployment). Such a fantastic card, and I love that Hannes has been so informative. Saves me having to research it and it’s interesting!


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