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on January 5, 2014

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Here are two lovely cards from Glen in the USA and my first postcards from Illinois. At the top is a beautiful Christmas card, a picture called ‘a spill out on the snow’ and perhaps my favourite (or in my top 3 at least) Christmas postcard of 2013. It really tells a story. Below is Chicago, the third most densely populated city of the USA. Glen tells me that the water is Lake Michigan, the very tall building the John Hancock centre and in the distance the Willis Tower. Fantastic cards!

2 responses to “Chicago

  1. LisaD says:

    The top postcard is a Currier & Ives print. They printed lithographs many years ago and depict early Americana scenes. Many are wintery but not all! They even have dinnerware that is seen in any antique shop around. I love their prints! : ) If you are familiar with the song, “Sleigh Ride”, there is a mention of them and their wintery scenes in the song.

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