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Christmas Characters

on January 5, 2014

postcards2_4From Bärbel in Germany comes this cute card, showing some dressed-up Christmassy figures. Not sure if they are from any cartoon or something, but they certainly look adorable in this picture. Of course, Frohe Weinacheten is Happy Christmas in German. So sweet!

Edit: Thanks to my wonderful follower “duuj” I can now tell you that this is a Leendert Jan Vis postcard – a Dutch artist who has sold over ten million postcards worldwide, amazing! Here you can see his site:


2 responses to “Christmas Characters

  1. duuj says:

    This is a Leendert Jan Vis postcard. He is a Dutch artist who has drawn many, many postcards. Apparently he is also very popular in Germany. You can see more of his work here: It’s a German fansite, but they also have an English site.

  2. mailmon says:

    Thanks SO much for sharing, it’s wonderful that I have followers out there who are willing to help me learn more. I really appreciate it. Happy New Year!

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