The World On My Doorstep

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on January 26, 2014



These wonderful cards come from Laura in the USA’s 10th most densely populated state: Ohio. Situated in the mid-west, its name comes from the Iroquois meaning “Great River”. The history of the Americas interests me a lot so it’s fascinating to know that Ohio was inhabited as early as 15,000 years ago by nomadic peoples who existed there for thousands of years before a more sedentary lifestyle took hold. The top card is really cool, I think, as it shows Chateau Laroche Historic Museum. Now, you may think ‘wait, surely there aren’t original castles like this in America’ and that’s because… there aren’t! This faux-Norman castle was built by Harry Andrews from 1929 and took his entire life to complete. He named it after a French military hospital in the area he was stationed in France during WW1 and left it to his scout group on his death. Amazing!


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