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Washington DC

postcards2This lovely multiview comes from Ginny in the USA, showing the country’s capital. She says that just about every important historical building is shown on this card, but I bet there are more! So, here, starting from the top left corner then going down in rows, you have: the Capitol Building, the White House, the Washington Monument, the National Mall, the Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam War Memorial, Ford’s Theater, the Iwo Jima Statue and the Capitol Dome. So, there you have it, your mini-tour of Washington DC.

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The Allgäu Alps

postcards_3This beautiful snow scene comes from Sebastian in Germany. It shows the Allgäu Alps in Bavaria, covered in some stunning snow. The Alps are, of course, a spectacular place on earth and images like this show what we might think of as a stereotypical sight there, but remember, in summer, these mountains are lush, green and often baking hot! Thanks Sebastian!

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Winter Is Coming (warning against little eyes…)

postcards_2Just a heads up, if there are little eyes looking at this, it might be in your best interest to not focus too much on the quotes in this picture.

With that out of the way, this wonderful surprise came from Jan in Canada. I was so thrilled to get it! Only a few more weeks until Season 4 hits our screens. In the meantime I am still working my way through the mammoth books, but man are they good! If anyone doesn’t know what this card is of – it’s two sigils from Game of Thrones (the Stark direwolf and the Lannister Lion) filled with some of the most fantastic, hilarious and witty quotes from the programme. I just love this card!

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Romantic Badger

postcards2_2This cute card comes from Snjezana in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it is so cute! She has also used some awesome stamps on the front. It may not be Valentine’s yet, but this little guy is sending love through this screen to you!

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