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Anne Boleyn

on March 8, 2014

postcards2_2_3In my last post, I mentioned Elizabeth the First, in this one, you see her mother. Anne Boleyn – Henry VIII’s second wife who met her unfortunate end at the cold blade of an executioner’s sword. This card came from my sister Beatrice on a trip to London. She says Anne Boleyn was always her favourite of Henry’s 6 wives. As a child, she was mine too, perhaps because she always seemed so serene and beautiful. However, she ruled as Queen for only three years in the 1500s before Henry had her beheaded. The rumors around her death focus mainly on the fact she did not bear Henry a living son amongst more scandalous ideas such as adultery, incest (with her brother) and treason. Regardless of the cause, only three years after her marriage to Henry she was dead, having been the spark behind perhaps the most controversial annulment in history and the start of the Church of England.


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