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Easter Bunny!


Scan 6 - Version 2Yes, I know it’s been a LONG time since Easter, but hopefully this cute little bunny card from Edit in Hungary makes up for it! It is totally adorable, so I know I’ll be forgiven, teehee! The Easter bunny originated as a German Lutheran character as a creature who would tell if children were good or bad before Easter and then, if they were good, of course, they would receive eggs carried in a little basket. And, if you thought it was a recent tradition, you’d be wrong! The Easter bunny was first mentioned in writing in 1682!

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Mexico City


Scan 1From David in Mexico comes this card of one of (in my opinion) the most fascinating cities in the world: Mexico City. Founded in 1521 on the pre-existing Aztec city of Tenochtitlan (built c. 1325), the city has an excitingly rich history and new sites and treasures are still being discovered there today. Here you can see El Castillo de Chapultepec (top right), (bottom left) La Torre Mayor and El Angel De La Independencia. Beautiful.

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Who Doesn’t Love It?


This cool card comes from Hezzie in the states, expressing her love for the 6th smallest state in the USA but with the 3rd highest population density. Home to the famous capital of Boston, really, what isn’t to love about Massachusetts except trying to type the name quickly?

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Scan - Version 3From David in Germany I received this card from one of his holidays in France. Taizé is a centre of Christian pilgrimage, visited mostly by young people as a sacred space of trust and community. Founded by Frere Roger in the 1940s, this beautiful place in Burgundy welcomes around 100,000 pilgrims a year. Wonderful card. Lucky David for visiting this place!

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Texas Bluebonnets


Scan 1 - Version 3This beautiful American panorama comes from Shannon in Texas. Bluebonnets are the national flower of the state and from this picture, you can tell why. Plentiful and very pleasant to look at! Lovely card!

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Indonesian Paddy Fields


Scan 1 - Version 2One of my favourite postcards yet, I just love this beautiful rice scene from Irien in Indonesia. She tells me that rice is a staple for everyone in her country, not just in cuisine but also with cultural importance. She says most people will eat it plain with protein and vegetables as side dishes. Fantasic card! I just adore this scene!

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International Women’s Day

Scan - Version 2

To celebrate International Women’s Day in March, Spanish Vero sent me this great card – my first of its kind. Created to commemorate historic suffrage, International Women’s Day is celebrated primarily in Europe to represent equality and was designed to raise both political and social awareness of issues surrounding sexism. A fantastic holiday for women, who, in the words of Vero, are “strong, beautiful, smart, skilled, fighters and lovers…”. Great card!

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Portsmouth Harbour


Scan 2Next week I will actually be in Portsmouth, so it was great to receive this card from Manda in the UK of the famous English port city. Home to the world’s oldest dry-dock, it is full of fascinating maritime history, including the wreck of the Tudor warship the Mary Rose, which I am really looking forward to seeing. Alongside this, you can visit amazing vessels such as the HMS Warrior and Victory. In this card you can see the 170m Spinnaker Tower – a famous landmark built in 2005.

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One For A Giggle


SAM_3046Way back in February, I think I nearly wet myself laughing when this little joy for my collection of ‘awful postcards’ arrived in the mail. If you couldn’t already guess, this one is from Ruhan in South Africa and honestly, it just cracked me up! I mean, there isn’t much more to say about this and the little ‘toy’ included in the plastic box. Brilliant! Thank you so much Ruky! I still laugh hysterically looking at this one. It is going on the fridge to attract more attention!

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