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Wild Aus!

on July 9, 2014

Scan Scan - Version 2 Scan - Version 3 Scan 3From my old friend Michael in Australia came this awesome parcel. Normally I don’t scan anything more than cards and the occasional stamp, but I had to include the message that came with the items in the package since it really cracked me up! This actually took FIVE and a half MONTHS to reach me after taking a detour via Spain (presumably due to confusion with the Canary Islands and Channel Islands? Who knows!). Michael also wrote an essay on the back of the above 3 cards! Made my day! Here though, you can see: a young wedge tailed eagle with its prey, two frilled lizards which are found in northern Australia and actually spend most of their lives in trees and finally a view of Esperance, where Michael often works and stays at Orleans Bay Caravan Park. Strangely this card obviously makes him think of me since he sent me the same card way back in 2012! Thanks Michael, loved this parcel!

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