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Wild Aus!

Scan Scan - Version 2 Scan - Version 3 Scan 3From my old friend Michael in Australia came this awesome parcel. Normally I don’t scan anything more than cards and the occasional stamp, but I had to include the message that came with the items in the package since it really cracked me up! This actually took FIVE and a half MONTHS to reach me after taking a detour via Spain (presumably due to confusion with the Canary Islands and Channel Islands? Who knows!). Michael also wrote an essay on the back of the above 3 cards! Made my day! Here though, you can see: a young wedge tailed eagle with its prey, two frilled lizards which are found in northern Australia and actually spend most of their lives in trees and finally a view of Esperance, where Michael often works and stays at Orleans Bay Caravan Park. Strangely this card obviously makes him think of me since he sent me the same card way back in 2012! Thanks Michael, loved this parcel!

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Scan 1This cheery card comes from Karin in the Netherlands and shows a cute family of dolphins. Widely regarded as one of the most intelligent species of animal in the world, these little guys are incredibly social and love to play with each other and just about anything they can wrap their little snouts around. Adorable!

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A Fiacre


Scan 1 - Version 3This lovely card comes from Monika (great name…) in Austria and shows one of their famed carriages, or fiacres in front of the Hofburg. Vienna’s palace where, once upon a time, emperors and empresses lived – one of the most famous being Sissi in the 1800s. Now, Monika tells me, it is used as a library, museums and presidential offices. Awesome card!

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Indian Woodpecker


Scan 6 - Version 4This beautiful card comes from Amit in India on his travels through a nature reserve. Although this card says all that is needed to be know about the Common Golden Back Woodpecker, did you know that inside a woodpecker’s  beak there is a long tongue used for rooting out food from the tree they are drilling? And to prevent brain damage, their skulls have had to adapt specially! Amazing!

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An Owly Birthday


ScanThis totally adorable card came from my good friend (and almost-birthday-twin) Hannah in Germany. Unfortunately I couldn’t read most of the back as it came in a delicious packet full of chocolates and Eastery-treats. Sadly, some of the chocolate creme-filled eggs hatched (quite literally) in the envelope en route and stickified the entire contents! However, I think the front gives the right vibe!

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Scan 4 - Version 2This was my first bday card of the year and it is very cute – and functional too, although I can’t bear to ruin the card by using the stickers! This one was another from Ramona and her family, way back on April 5 – just out of interest do I have any birthday twins out there? It seems to be a very unusual date to be born on, so always up for hearing from my birthday sharers!

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Easter Bunny!


Scan 6 - Version 2Yes, I know it’s been a LONG time since Easter, but hopefully this cute little bunny card from Edit in Hungary makes up for it! It is totally adorable, so I know I’ll be forgiven, teehee! The Easter bunny originated as a German Lutheran character as a creature who would tell if children were good or bad before Easter and then, if they were good, of course, they would receive eggs carried in a little basket. And, if you thought it was a recent tradition, you’d be wrong! The Easter bunny was first mentioned in writing in 1682!

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One For A Giggle


SAM_3046Way back in February, I think I nearly wet myself laughing when this little joy for my collection of ‘awful postcards’ arrived in the mail. If you couldn’t already guess, this one is from Ruhan in South Africa and honestly, it just cracked me up! I mean, there isn’t much more to say about this and the little ‘toy’ included in the plastic box. Brilliant! Thank you so much Ruky! I still laugh hysterically looking at this one. It is going on the fridge to attract more attention!

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Beautiful Tenerife

Scan 6 - Version 3This beautiful calendar card comes from Spanish Vero, on her holiday to Tenerife. Whilst Tenerife is not its own country, and is a part of Spain, it is part of the autonomous community of the Canary Islands, and attracts 5 million tourists a year. With its spectacular geography and Mediterranean climate, its hardly surprising! So take a moment to enjoy these 12 beautiful images. Thanks Vero!

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Chinese New Year!

Scan - Version 2I received this sweet hand-made card from Winky in Hong Kong to celebrate the Chinese New Year in February. The Chinese Zodiac runs on a 12 year cycle and this year is the year of the Horse. Supposedly people born in the year are supposed to have horsey characteristics: energetic, confident and ambitious. It’s also meant to be the year to start that project you’ve been dreaming of – apparently it may well be successful! Regardless of your thoughts on astrology, I do enjoy reading about it and learning about the Asian culture. Thanks Winky!

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