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Buenos Aires Obelisk

postcards2This wonderful card comes from Gaby in Argentina and shows the famous Buenos Aires Obelisk, which was built to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the city being built. Gaby tells me that it is unusual for the monument to be lit up like it is in the card, but that during festivities it is covered in bright lights. She also tells me that her favourite name is Muriel – Celtic in origin and the name of her daughter. Beautiful card with a lovely message.

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Simla in the 1920s

SimlaThis fabulous vintage card comes from my mum in back in England but shows Simla in India back in the 1920s. My mum tells me that my great-grandfather would have bought this card when he was stationed in India. During the very hot summer weather, his family used to decamp to the cooler Simla hills which was apparently very fashionable with the British then. In fact, my grandmother was born in Quetta which was then a part of India and would have been taken to Simla as a young child as her mother loved it there. Such a sweet card! And I love its history!

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The Iguazu Falls

This great card comes from Argentinian penpal Nau and shows the Iguazu falls on the Argentine/Brazilian border. He has drawn a little map to show where they are in relation to his town (a considerable distance away!) and tells me he has never visited them but hopes to one day. He also says ‘una imagen vale veras que mil palabras’ – a picture is worth a thousand words. So true! Awesome card!

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South America on my Doorstep!

My first (and only at the moment) card from South America – Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sent from penpal Laura in 2011, this shows her hometown during Argentina’s Bicentennial celebration, which she tells me she attended. She also explains the importance of each of the pictures (particularly the third one which is where the revolution for independence took place). I really love this postcard, its unique and beautiful, with a lovely, long message on the back.

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