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The Celestial Globe


Scan 1 - Version 3This gorgeous card comes from Susanne in the USA and really looks outside the box to find something that matches my love for ‘vintage map cards’. And I love it! It is so unique! Here you can see an old celestial map, dating to 1729 and the constellations as seen then. I love old paintings like this and the stars have always intrigued me. Thank you so much Susanne! It’s a hit!

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Scan 1 - Version 2This awesome card comes from Tonje in Norway and I love it! As a child I had a total fascination with Norwegian trolls, so this card totally takes me back to my childhood! Trolls in Scandinavian folklore are usually dangerous or at the very least to be avoided and in many stories will eat children. However, if you can trick a troll (they are usually described as slow-witted) and make him stray into the sunlight, he will be turned to stone. Incidentally, this image has been based on a view at the village of Geiranger. Great card! Thank you Tonje!

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Scan 2 - Version 3I love this really cool map card of Britain, sent to me by Ina in the Netherlands. I have no idea when it dates to, but I am a huge fan of vintage maps and seeing how differently places were once depicted. I guess this one can’t be too old as it is fairly accurate, but that doesn’t make it any less special! This one shows the kingdoms in the times of the Anglo-Saxons. Furthest north are the Scots, a little further south (in what is now southern Scotland) are the Picts, then Northumbria, below which are (left to right) Wales, Mercia and Essex. Below Essex is East Anglia and below that (left to right again) Wessex, Sussex and Kent. Most of these are still county/country names in the UK, but the counties are now far smaller. So fascinating! Thank you Ina!

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Hogback Tombs


Scan 2 - Version 2This stunning card comes from my dad during the aforementioned trip to the Lake District. These beautiful Hogback Tombs can be found in Gosforth church. What is particularly fascinating about this seemingly non-descript little church hidden in the Lake District is that it is teeming with Anglo-Scandinavian (read: Viking-style) motifs and carvings, including these beauties! Amazing!

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Japan in 1595


Scan 1 - Version 3This amazing card comes from Asami in Japan and shows an old map of her country way back in 1595 – during one of the most turbulent times in Japanese history. Warlords had fought for centuries over territories, but by the end of the 16th century, things were beginning to become more peaceful and the country was starting to become the united Japan we know today. Fantastic card!

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Scan 3


This beautiful card is one of my favourites! Sent to me way back in March, just after the amazing Sochi Winter Olympics, Nadya in Russia really hit the nail on the head with this one – AND even used a commemorative stamp! For some reason, this was the first year I really got into the Winter Olympics and I honestly got hooked! My favourite: the snowboarding! Amazing! And there’s no doubt about it – despite all their controversies the Russians can certainly put on a good show.

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Penang Meet Up


Scan 2This beautiful card comes from Violet in Malaysia along with some other postcrossers at a meet up. I particularly like how this card was clearly designed and printed specifically for the event – which makes it very unique. On it you can see: Penang Hill Fenicular Train, Penang Bridge, Komtar and the Kek Lok Si Temple. Great card! Thanks Violet!




Scan 2 - Version 4This cool card comes from the USA, of course and shows one place name everyone knows! Hollywood. Situated in California, it is of course an area famous for, well… fame! In 1870, however, it was just a small community and it wasn’t until after its merge with Los Angeles in 1910 that its film industry began to emerge, eventually dominating world films! Awesome card – and it also came with some of the new Harry Potter stamps too, which is even more awesome!

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Snail Mail!

Scan - Version 3 Scan - Version 2 Scan - Version 4

These three awesome cards come from Heather in the USA. The top two were lovingly designed by herself and the third, obviously, shows most people’s dream! Ben and Jerry’s! In case you have been living under a rock your whole life or live in a country unlucky enough to not have access to B&J’s this delicious snack is only the BEST ICE CREAM IMAGINEABLE! That being said, Heather tells me she once sent this card to someone and they replied saying “I don’t like ice cream.”. Maybe part of me (my waistline) wishes I didn’t like ice cream, but in reality, it is just too scrummy to ever give up! Thanks Heather!

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Barcodes Galore!


Scan 1These great four cards come from the very talented Scott in Nebraska, USA. Of course, they show Bruce Lee, Ozzy Osbourne, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. But what is really impressive is that Scott has made these entirely out of barcodes! If you would like to see more of Scott’s work you can look at to find out more about the cards but also the process involved in making them!

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