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Winter Is Coming (warning against little eyes…)

postcards_2Just a heads up, if there are little eyes looking at this, it might be in your best interest to not focus too much on the quotes in this picture.

With that out of the way, this wonderful surprise came from Jan in Canada. I was so thrilled to get it! Only a few more weeks until Season 4 hits our screens. In the meantime I am still working my way through the mammoth books, but man are they good! If anyone doesn’t know what this card is of – it’s two sigils from Game of Thrones (the Stark direwolf and the Lannister Lion) filled with some of the most fantastic, hilarious and witty quotes from the programme. I just love this card!

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police

postcards1_2This card exhibiting some of Canada’s finest scenery (and this poor model who seems to have the unfortunate luck of having a postcard-photographer for a friend!) comes from Ramona, who has chosen this card for its contrast to Guernsey scenery – definitely true! This guy here is a member of the Royal Canadian Mountain Police who are both a federal and national police service. The service itself dates back to 1920 and the uniform dates to the days when they really were all mounted, but for the most part, horses are now just ceremonial. Very cool card.

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Hear Me Roar

postcards2_2This great card comes from Jan in Canada as part of a swap and it is SO awesome! I just love it! As with many Game of Thrones fans, Tyrion Lannister is probably my favourite character. I love his wit and sharp-tongue but also how fantastically he is described and developed both in the books and the show. So here he is in all his glory, played by the awesome Peter Dinklage. The title of this post is very (incredibly) geeky – Hear Me Roar being the Lannister family motto. Anyway, Jan designed this card herself as she said she looked far and wide but could not find an actual Game of Thrones card – understandably difficult, I’ve looked myself! She suggests someone should make a book of them! Great idea – any takers?! She asks what my favourite and least favourite parts of living in Guernsey are, stating the lack of shopping would be her downfall! Ha! Well, my favourite bit would probably be the proximity to a beach in summer. My least favourite? How small it is. I miss being able to roam! Great card, thanks Jan!

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Vancouver By Night

postcards2_3This lovely card comes from Danielle – a fellow postcard blogger who contacted me about a swap. This card is just so stunning, I love the photography and how the lights play on the water. Danielle tells me she considers her postcards lucky to get to travel to places she’s never visited before she does! I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for such a cheerful postcard Danielle!

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Inuit Ducks

InuitDuckThis wonderful card comes from Shelley in Canada and shows a beautiful piece of Inuit artwork. Apparently this image was made using stonecuts and stencils. Amazing and really very beautiful!

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Cabot Trail

Presqu'ileThis beautiful card comes from Carol in the USA who tells me she has just been on a road-trip to Canada where she bought this card. And it is just so beautiful! She says she adores travelling and hopes to visit Finland, Belarus and Taiwan soon. She also tells me that she (just like me) has a love of names and has even names her iPods (Lenny & Svarty)!! Haha! She says her favourite boys names are Nikolai, Nikita and Ilya and for girls she likes Anastazja, Katja and Astana (the capital of Kazakhstan!). Really beautiful and interesting names! This card was so lovely and chatty which is always such a joy to receive!

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Two Beautiful Canadian Cards



These two beautiful cards come from Cathy in Canada. She tells me that she bought the first card showing Louisbourg in Atlantic Canada several years ago during a trip there. Apparently it is almost 2000 miles away from where she lives now – I am always so shocked by how vast other countries are! She tells me it is almost 6,000 miles wide coast to coast with 80% of the population living in 30% of the landmass (next to the US border)… Amazing! The other card shows Lake Superior which is closer to where she lives now. Apparently it is the largest fresh water lake in the world and the area is very peaceful although very snowy in winter which she tells me she doesn’t like! Looks beautiful…

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Grauballe Man Bog Body!

These two very contrasting cards came from Denise in Canada, although the first actually shows Grauballe Man, a bog-body in Denmark dating to AD 300. Interestingly, the bog-body card is actually a vintage card, pre-written and posted from Denmark stamp still intact) in 1984. I just love the image though! I had a real fascination with bog-bodies at university! Denise has also kindly enclosed the second card which she’s printed herself. She tells me that her favourite names are Serenity, Hope, Patience and Joy – the names of her grand-daughters. How lovely! I love names, so it’s great to hear about ones she likes. She’s also used a fantastic zodiac stamp on the envelope. Wonderful swap!

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An Inuit Postcard!

I’m really interested in Eskimo cultures so it was great to get this card from Isabelle in Canada. She says it’s pretty cold there at the moment (not surprised)! She is actually from Montreal, but chose this card from more Arctic regions for me! In the top right hand picture, an Inuit man is building an igloo, the bottom two images show traditional Canadian Houses. Fantastic card!

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A Vintage Canadian Card

This card comes from Lionel in Canada. He bought this awesome card from the St. Catherine’s Museum and Welland Canals Centre. Lionel tells me how the town is on Lake Ontario (not far from the Niagara Falls) and that fishermen used to make their livelihood there. Now, he informs me, it is used mainly by recreational fishermen. He also says how the autumn is beautiful where he is, with lots of reds, yellows and oranges. Sounds beautiful! A lovely, educational card!

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