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Winter Is Coming (warning against little eyes…)

postcards_2Just a heads up, if there are little eyes looking at this, it might be in your best interest to not focus too much on the quotes in this picture.

With that out of the way, this wonderful surprise came from Jan in Canada. I was so thrilled to get it! Only a few more weeks until Season 4 hits our screens. In the meantime I am still working my way through the mammoth books, but man are they good! If anyone doesn’t know what this card is of – it’s two sigils from Game of Thrones (the Stark direwolf and the Lannister Lion) filled with some of the most fantastic, hilarious and witty quotes from the programme. I just love this card!

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A Dance With Dragons

postcards_4This awesome card comes from Patricia in Germany who says she chose it for me for our mutual love of Game of Thrones. Although the picture itself doesn’t hold particularly true to the book/TV show (Khaleesi doesn’t have a red dragon) I really like this image, its style and design. I have no idea whether it is even meant to be a representation of Game of Thrones, but regardless, the girl definitely looks to have strength of character as well as beauty – something which seems to be shockingly lacking in many stories! What an awesome card.

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Hear Me Roar

postcards2_2This great card comes from Jan in Canada as part of a swap and it is SO awesome! I just love it! As with many Game of Thrones fans, Tyrion Lannister is probably my favourite character. I love his wit and sharp-tongue but also how fantastically he is described and developed both in the books and the show. So here he is in all his glory, played by the awesome Peter Dinklage. The title of this post is very (incredibly) geeky – Hear Me Roar being the Lannister family motto. Anyway, Jan designed this card herself as she said she looked far and wide but could not find an actual Game of Thrones card – understandably difficult, I’ve looked myself! She suggests someone should make a book of them! Great idea – any takers?! She asks what my favourite and least favourite parts of living in Guernsey are, stating the lack of shopping would be her downfall! Ha! Well, my favourite bit would probably be the proximity to a beach in summer. My least favourite? How small it is. I miss being able to roam! Great card, thanks Jan!

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My First Game of Thrones Card!

GameOfThronesAnyone who even remotely knows me will know I have a bit of an obsession with Game of Thrones: the books, the TV show… everything! I have been desperately wanting a card since… well, forever! And I finally got one! I nearly wept with happiness to receive this card since Pascale in the Netherlands not only saw that I wanted a G.o.T card from my postcrossing profile, she also noted my favourite characters and designed this card herself for me! She also tells me that she visited Guernsey in 1991 and fell in love with the island (and our ice cream!) I cannot believe the kindness and thought that some people put into making a stranger happy, and for that I will always treasure this card even more than I would have had she just sent me a regular card! Thank you Pascale!

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Another fantastic addition to my Hobbit collection, this awesome card comes from Sue in New Zealand. She tells me (in immaculate handwriting) that when she is busy, her favourite foods are pita bread or tacos as they are quick and yummy! Sounds good to me!

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A Hobbit Treasure Trove!

Bilbo GandalfEnvelope GollumEnvelope

As part of a direct swap with Ray in New Zealand I received the wonderful Bilbo maxicard but also, much to my surprise and happiness, got these two wonderful first day cover envelopes of Gollum and Gandalf. How amazing is that? And Ray kindly says that he just wanted the surprise to bring me joy. Definite success on his part. So kind and lovely! The Hobbit maxicards are some of my favourite postcards in existence, so this haul of mail today was brilliant!

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Thorin Oakenshield Maxicard – How Lucky Am I?

ThorinLet’s be honest, what woman alive isn’t slightly in love with Richard Armitage? And as for fans of The Hobbit (book and film) I wonder how many people there are who don’t love the slightly cantankerous Thorin Oakenshield. Well, I’m certainly not one of them! He is my absolute favourite! So, to receive this unique card from Liz in New Zealand was perfect for me! It’s a real treasure in my collection and I absolutely love it! It could not be more perfect!

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My First Lord of the Rings Card!

LotrHobbitsWell, I just LOVE this card from Šárka in the Czech Republic. There’s something about Lord of the Rings pictures that takes me back to being an eleven year old discovering the first film she ever fell in love with in her life. And although I’m no longer quite as obsessive over the films as I used to be, I still adore them. So to receive this card brought me a huge amount of joy! She told me she chose this card from her pack of LOTR cards because it’s her favourite so she thought I’d like it too – how lovely! And she’s also been kind enough to include a vintage stamp from Czechoslovakia in 1968! Amazing! Šárka also mentions how she, like me, loves camping and spent a week last year in the Alps with nothing more than a tent, food and clothes. Sounds absolutely perfect to me! One of the nicest postcards I have ever received!



LutzowerThis fantastic card comes from Marion in Germany. She tells me Lützower was a lesser-known German film in the 1970s (can you tell from the hairstyles?). She is from Cologne and tells me that it is famous for its beer and cathedral (which I knew) and also for its Carnival (which I didn’t know, but vaguely remember studying at school, but all I recall properly is that the teacher brought doughnuts in for us…). Awesome card!

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