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Cookie Sends a Card!

CooksThis card gave me a laugh. Sent by Cookie (my boyfriend’s dog) who has recently learned how to type and send cards via an iPhone app (it seems) she’s sent me this adorable selfie of her in the garden enjoying a scraggy piece of rope. Who would know this dog is such an old lady when she acts like a playful puppy? Lovely surprise!

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Guernsey Gâche!

GuernseyGacheThis surprise arrived on my doorstep the other day – from my boyfriend! Of course, we both live in Guernsey but he said he wanted to send me a card as it’s unlikely I’ll receive another from the country! So, here you can see a less-than-attractive view of Castle Cornet, in Saint Peter Port. However, let me draw your attention to the recipe for “Guernsey Gâche”. What, you may well ask, is Guernsey Gâche? Well, apart from sounding like some kind of bizarre euphemism, it is actually a fruit-bread which is quite tasty when eaten with butter and/or toasted. Is the giving of this recipe card some sort of hint that I should branch out on my cooking skill? Well, he denies it… But who knows! Maybe I’ll give it a go!

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