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Easter Bunny!


Scan 6 - Version 2Yes, I know it’s been a LONG time since Easter, but hopefully this cute little bunny card from Edit in Hungary makes up for it! It is totally adorable, so I know I’ll be forgiven, teehee! The Easter bunny originated as a German Lutheran character as a creature who would tell if children were good or bad before Easter and then, if they were good, of course, they would receive eggs carried in a little basket. And, if you thought it was a recent tradition, you’d be wrong! The Easter bunny was first mentioned in writing in 1682!

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A Hungarian Spa

postcards2_2_2_2One of my weirder postcards in my collection! It’s just so strange that I love it! This one comes from Laci in Hungary and is only my second card from the country. Apparently Bukfurdo is one of Europe’s most famous spas and it is situated only a couple of miles away from where Laci lives. The powers of Hungary’s healing waters were first made famous by the Romans and even today people flock to these places! Great card!

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Remember Me To You

Here’s one from a penfriend, Eszter, who I’m no longer in touch with. It’s of her town, Kevermes, in Hungary, in 2009. It contains only a brief but very friendly message, in broken English, sweetly stating the postcard is a “Remember me to you from Kevermes”, wishing me well in an exam and sending love to my family. The rest of the space on the back is taken up with cheerful stickers.

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