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Moroccan Culture

postcards_3This unexpected card arrived to my old address from Anas in Morocco who didn’t realise I had moved. Thanks to the wonderful new resident, who forwarded this on to me (there are good people in the world still!), I received it! It shows two ethnic groups in Morocco, which Anas is kind enough to explain to me: the Gnawa, who are of Guinean origin and are often associated with healing rituals and wonderful ceremonies and the Berbers, an ancient ethnic group in North Africa. Fantastic card! Thanks Anas!

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VeracruzThis sunny card from Nat in Mexico is a welcome addition to my collection. I just love the colour of the sea! She tells me that her boyfriend is from Veracruz and so they spent their winter holidays there – it sounds lovely! Beautiful card.

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The Kegon Falls

JapanWaterfallThis spectacular card comes from my lovely friend Clarissa who was on holiday in Japan where she chose this beautiful card of the Kegon Falls for me. She tells me the place is lovely but crazily cold! Considering she’s from Singapore, I’m not surprised that she finds it cold. I just love this card, and the rainbow too – gorgeous!

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Mosque Hassan II

MosqueHassanIIThis spectacular card showing Hassan II Mosque comes from Anas in Morocco. He tells me that it is the symbol of his city and even the country as it is the third largest mosque in the world and is built on the Atlantic Ocean. Amazing! I always love to learn about the image shown on the card, so it’s great that Anas took the time to explain! Beautiful card!

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A New Awful Postcard!

CowWeeingAll the way from Wesley in the Netherlands,  here is another ‘awful postcard’ to add to my growing collection! The awful postcards all started after a discussion with Ruhan about some of the weirdest cards we’ve received and went on from there. A few weeks later some ‘Naughty Tortoises‘ appeared on my doorstep but they were soon given a run for their money by Maija’s Vietnamese ‘cow-to-the-abattoir‘ card. Now, this card perhaps beats them both and this cow is definitely alive and kicking!

I actually really like cows, so despite the bizarreness of the nature of the subject, I love this card! Wesley tells me that there are 1.5 million dairy cows in the Netherlands and he lays claim to them producing the “best” milk. Well, I don’t know about that… Guernsey cows are pretty renowned for theirs too. But anyhow, he tells me that the Netherlands is the world’s largest dairy exporter and that their cheese will have me addicted, particularly “Gouda”. I shall try it! Loved this card! Laughed a LOT!


The Dominican Republic!

Dominican RepublicSo today marks my one year anniversary of postcrossing and also this blog, so it is great to receive a card from a new country to celebrate with! This beautiful postcard comes from Princess in the Dominican Republic. She tells me that the card shows the first cathedral ever built in the Americas during the colonisation over 500 years ago. She says you can see the statue of Christopher Columbus in Columbus Park in the large picture. Great card, so pleased to have it!

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South Africa’s Best Postcard

Tortoises!So my friend Ruhan and I had a competition to find the ‘best postcards’ our countries could offer. So there I was, expecting natural beauty and fantastic views of South Africa, when THIS arrived through my door! Yes, he seriously thinks it is the best and speaks of its wonderful artistic nature and beauty! Some people eh?

Okay, okay… That’s a complete lie and he may kill me for saying that. The competition was for the worst, most awful and bizarre postcards we could find, so this one is actually perfect and I totally cracked up when I got this. We just don’t have anything similar for sale in Guernsey! I also LOVE how Mr. Tortoise looks like he’s having the time of his life while Mrs. Tortoise looks less than amused! Ruhan says it is the first in a series of awful postcards and that he’s not quite sure when pervy tortoises became postcard material. He also says not to get him started on a caption. On that note, if anyone can think of a good one, fire away. Hilarious card! Love it!


A View of Johannesburg

JoBurgAnother beautiful city-view card here, this time of Johannesburg which comes all the way from lovely Ruhan in South Africa. He tells me how he loves to visit the city as it has an atmosphere of “here, dreams can come true”. On the left is the CBD (he informs me that despite the pretty skyline has become, to some extent, a victim of neglect) and on the right is an infamous lightning storm and Sandton – a suburb which is home to the banks, stock-exchange and super-rich. Awesome card with some beautiful pictures! I feel so lucky to have two cards from the country now!

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A Dutch Deer


Well, this deer is a bit of a cutie! It comes from Wesley in the Netherlands who tells me it is sub-zero temperatures there at the moment. He says that although the Netherlands are crowded, they are lucky enough to still have beautiful national parks with lovely wildlife. Wesley says he actually lives in a city and sadly has to travel three hours to reach such areas but admits he feels lucky to live near the sea as he loves photography and finds plenty of photogenic things there. Really, a lovely card!

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A Panoramic Belvedere Palace

Belvedere2 Belvedere1

This is actually one, very long, fold-out postcard from Daniel in Austria, but my scanner wasn’t big enough to scan it all in one, so I had to make do with doing it in two parts. This beautiful card shows Belvedere Palace (now an art museum) which Daniel says is one of the most beautiful buildings in Vienna. He tells me this is proof that there’s more to see in Austria than just mountains and Almdudler (a fizzy grape and apple juice which I’d already talked about with him, since I tasted it when I visited Austria)! Great card!

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