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A Vintage Kenyan Card

postcardsFrom my mum’s collection of vintage postcards from around the world comes this one showing a Kenyan Masai girl (I think it’s a girl, but if I’m being horribly offensive or presumptuous here, do feel free to correct me!). My mum sent it in a parcel with some tights I’d asked her to send as she said it might ‘offer me alternative thoughts re leg-coverings’, well, they’re definitely beautiful! That being said, however, neither my mum nor I are particularly sure on the very colonial caption ‘East African Types’… hmmm… apparently it was part of a series of cards called “Africa in pictures” too. Well, regardless, it makes a lovely addition to my collection!

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Kenya Safari

postcards3Back in the day, when I first started collecting postcards, I used to yearn for a card from Kenya. Before postcrossing, I tried (and tried!) to find someone on Interpals who would swap with me, but no one did and eventually I gave up. So when postcard pixie Ruhan (god, I love that man!) organised this swap for me out of the blue, I was over the moon! This card comes from Mary who lives in Nakuru and she tells me this card says all that you need to know about the country: it is beautiful. I just love it! Beautiful scenes, beautiful wildlife, beautiful culture! Fantastic card!

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