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Mexico City


Scan 1From David in Mexico comes this card of one of (in my opinion) the most fascinating cities in the world: Mexico City. Founded in 1521 on the pre-existing Aztec city of Tenochtitlan (built c. 1325), the city has an excitingly rich history and new sites and treasures are still being discovered there today. Here you can see El Castillo de Chapultepec (top right), (bottom left) La Torre Mayor and El Angel De La Independencia. Beautiful.

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postcardsThis spectacular card comes from the wonderful Carlos in Mexico who always sends such beautiful pictures! This one shows Uruapan National Park, near where his sister lives. I just love this image, the crystal clear waters and the quaint little bridge. It looks like paradise!

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UxmalThis awesome card is obviously another favourite of mine! It comes from Carlos in Mexico again who just seems to know exactly what cards I will love! He tells me Uxmal is Chichen-Itza’s lesser known sister city but reminds me that it is by no means less impressive. To the right of the picture is the Sorcerer’s Pyramid, which Carlos says he particularly loves. I can’t wait to visit some day soon!

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TulumAny follower of this blog will know my love for postcards showing Maya sites. So when Carlos in Mexico proposed swapping cards, I was over the moon to receive this one! Tulum is one of my absolute favourite Maya sites since it is so starkly placed next to the sea. Carlos tells me that it was supposedly used by Maya priests and rulers as a vacation point and a crossing point to the island of Cozumel – as he says, it shows how little humanity has really changed, since we still go on holiday to beautiful places like this now! Stunning.

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VeracruzThis sunny card from Nat in Mexico is a welcome addition to my collection. I just love the colour of the sea! She tells me that her boyfriend is from Veracruz and so they spent their winter holidays there – it sounds lovely! Beautiful card.

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Maya Galore!


This fantastic set of postcards arrived as a wonderful surprise yesterday from Ignacio in Mexico. Clockwise from the top left, they show The Temple of Venus – Chichen Itza, The Temple of Jaguars – Chichen Itza, The Head of the Plumed Serpent – Chichen Itza and The Principal Pyramid – Tulum. Any regular followers of my blog will know my degree was in Archaeology of the Maya, so these cards are pride of my collection now and to add to their uniqueness, they are vintage too! So perfect! Love them!

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A Surprise From New Mexico


These wonderful cards arrived today from Sam-Quito in the USA who I think forgot he’d already sent me a card. Anyway, I really really love them. On the first card (which shows a night view of Albuquerque), he tells me a little about his visit to Guernsey and how he loved our Post Office (they sell a LOT of stamps there). The second shows a fantastic map of trade routes used by the Spanish between Mexico and the USA during the colonial period. Sam-Quito tells me El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro is the oldest and longest European road in North America running from Mexico City to San Gabriel in California, it has recently been made a UNESCO site. Fascinating!

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Twice As Nice

These lovely cards are my first officially from Mexico and come from postcrosser Lilly. She tells me that Acapulco first came to fame in the 1950s as celebs often used to holiday there and it is still renowned for its great nightlife. Apparently it is split into three main tourist areas: Acapulco, Acapulco Dorado and Acapulco Diamonte. This card shows Acapulco itself and an aerial view of the main hotels. The second card shows Torreon which she says is located in the north of the country with an economy based primarily on agriculture, textiles and metal processing. It is also one of the youngest cities in Mexico. Great card!

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Another Maya Temple!

So you can only imagine my excitement, given my love of all things Maya, when this beautiful card of Chichen Itza arrived through my door the other day. Actually from Laurent in Australia, its just a fantastic picture! He also tells me he runs a small postcard business and is always looking for new pictures to use from around the world. Really cool idea and lovely card!




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