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Soroca Fortress

postcardsThis stunning card from Nastia in Moldova shows the Soroca Fortress which was originally built from wood in 1499 and then was rebuilt in stone in the mid 1500s. Just beautiful! The fort was mainly used in defense against the Ottoman Empire and was eventually sacked by the Russians in the 1700s. Nastia tells me she is currently on maternity leave (aww) for her second child (double aww) and that her oldest daughter was born on 11.11.11 (aww-some!). I love this card and it really is a treasure in my collection considering Moldova is only home to 3.6 million people!

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The Tsymlyanskoye Lighthouse (Try Saying That Quickly Ten Times)


Ignore the title, try saying it quickly once! This card comes from Marina in Moldova and she tells me that this fantastic lighthouse can be found on the Tsymlyanskoye Reservoir in Russia. She tells me that Moldova used to be in the Soviet Block (which I knew) and that as such it has a lot in common with other ex-Soviet countries. Its wildlife is apparently very similar to Romania, the Ukraine and Southern Russia. Marina herself is Russian and her husband is Moldovan and she says she moved to Moldova after their wedding, twenty five years ago but that she still doesn’t feel at home there – mainly because she misses the sea. I can understand missing home, but it does seem a beautiful country! What a great and informative card too!


Stunning Moldova

This wonderful card comes from Jaroslav in Moldova and is my first from the country. He tells me that it is currently grape season, so the vinyards are very busy there at the moment. He also says how he loves to drive into the countryside (to places like in the picture) to go hiking. Gorgeous card!

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