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Moomintroll is Hoovered

MoominHooverThis quirky shaped card comes from Martina in Finland and although I can’t remember the actual storyline of what is happening in the picture, it definitely rings a bell! Brilliant (and very cute) card!

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Colourful Moomins!


This card from Tiina in Finland has to be one of my favourite Moomins cards. I just love the original pictures and how much expression they have. Too cute! Tiina has also used an awesome Easter stamp and tells me that in Finland they eat chocolate eggs and Mammi (a traditional chilled dessert) on Easter. Yummy!


The Life Size Moomin House!

MoominHouseDance MoominHouseNightThese two beautiful cards come from Riita in Finland (who previously sent me a card of Snuffkin), whilst reading my blog she came across my post showing a Moomin doll’s house where I said I wished I could live in a life-size one. She tells me that although I can’t live there (shame), MoominWorld in Naantali, Finland, provides this enormous replica of the house in the book. She reminds me that Moomins sleep during winter which is why there are none in the second picture. Such a lovely surprise to receive these cards and Riita’s even been kind enough to use two funny stamps of Finnish outdoor toilets. Awesome!

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Little My Counts!


This very cute card comes from Lyo in Japan and shows a very cheerful looking Little My learning to count. Adorable!

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A Sniff Greetings Card

SniffThis cute card comes from Hellen in Estonia, admittedly it is a greetings card which kind of defeats the object of postcrossing and she hasn’t written on it either, but it is redeemed by the fact the envelope was covered in beautiful stamps and also, who doesn’t love Sniff! He is too cute!

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A Furry Moomintroll!

furrymoominThis adorable Moomins card comes from Irina, a Russian living in Finland. In fact, Moomintroll is actually furry to the touch – very cute! Irina tells me that she had never heard of Guernsey before so is glad to know of it now. She also says she’s a teacher and a dog person! Awesome!

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Snuffkin and Moomintroll Take Five

SnuffkinSmokingI love this card, it is so adorably simple! It comes not only from Riitta in Finland, but also thirteen other postcrossers at a postcrossing meet! How cool! Riitta sent me this as a thank you for a card I sent her and I just love it. One of my favourite Moomin postcards in my collection!

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A Moomin Doll’s House

MoominHouseThis unique postcard comes from Tuula in Finland and shows a doll’s house made by Tove Jansson (the author of the Moomins) and her friends. Tuula tells me it can now be seen in Tampere Art Museum. I just love it – it is so beautiful. I wish a human-sized version existed so that I could live in it!

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A Sad Little Mymble

MymbleSurprise, surprise, this card comes from Finland! Sent from Marja, it is an unofficial maxicard – she tells me that you used to be able to make your own cards and send them off for cancellation, which is pretty cool, but apparently you can’t do it anymore. Marja says this was one of her favourite books as a child as it was full of cut-outs and holes and was really exciting. Apparently this little Mymble is crying because her sister (Little My) is missing. Too cute!

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Perhaps My Cutest Moomins Card Yet?

MoominSnowThis adorable card comes from Elina in Finland and if I’m honest the scan is not doing it justice – all the snowflakes are in fact reflective silver! Too cute! Elina tells me she wishes we could chat over tea or coffee – she’s a tea person, I’m more for coffee! – and that her favourite girl’s name is Aurora (because of the Northern Lights) – beautiful! And that for boys she likes Jimi, Timi or Henry. Awesome card! Love it SO much!

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