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A Moroccan Tannery

Scan 1This wonderful card comes from Eva who also has an awesome postcard blog. Here you can see a traditional tannery in the Moroccan city of Fez which Eva says is fascinating, if you can tolerate the smell! This is where leather is processed using tannin in order to make it durable enough for every day use. What an amazing image! Thank you Eva!


Moroccan Culture

postcards_3This unexpected card arrived to my old address from Anas in Morocco who didn’t realise I had moved. Thanks to the wonderful new resident, who forwarded this on to me (there are good people in the world still!), I received it! It shows two ethnic groups in Morocco, which Anas is kind enough to explain to me: the Gnawa, who are of Guinean origin and are often associated with healing rituals and wonderful ceremonies and the Berbers, an ancient ethnic group in North Africa. Fantastic card! Thanks Anas!

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Mosque Hassan II

MosqueHassanIIThis spectacular card showing Hassan II Mosque comes from Anas in Morocco. He tells me that it is the symbol of his city and even the country as it is the third largest mosque in the world and is built on the Atlantic Ocean. Amazing! I always love to learn about the image shown on the card, so it’s great that Anas took the time to explain! Beautiful card!

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MoroccoThis brilliant card comes from German Willi who is on holiday in Morocco. He tells me the card shows the city wall and gate to the UNESCO site of Meknes. Beautiful! When at home in Germany he says he works at a car factory where 9000 workers make 1200 cars everyday… wow! Amazing card!

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