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A Macedonian Trio




These awesome cards are my first from Macedonia and were sent by Zlatko and his children as part of a direct swap. The first shows a ‘medallion with scenes from the Old Testament’ which can be seen in the Holy Annunciation church in Prilep, which dates back to the eleventh century. Prilep itself can be seen in the last image – looks like a beautiful town! The middle card shows three children photographed at the beginning of the twentieth century. I don’t know who they are, but if anyone could shed light on them, I’d be very interested! Great cards!

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Two Romanian Beauties

RomaniaAutumnRomaniaCastlesThese two awesome cards come from Eugen in Romania and in particular I really love the first one. I am actually writing a novel set in the Romanian mountains so receiving a card like this really helps me set the scene! The caption is “autumn in the Rucar-Bran corridor”. The second image shows three of Romania’s most famous castles – Peles Castle, Corvin Castle and of course Bran Castle – awesome cards!

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Two Very Different Cards!

uluruCountryBumsThese two cards come from Aga in Australia. The first card is probably a new favourite of mine from the country – I just love the colours in the photograph! Aga tells me that Uluru and the Olgas really do change colour every minute during sunrise and sunset and that it is one of the most beautiful things she’s ever seen in her life. It looks it! It is honestly stunning! The second card is, of course, part of my awful postcard challenge! Aga wonders who was responsible for this company’s artistic department – I have to agree! Although it is very funny! She tells me that Moree is famous for its heating baths. Very cool cards. It’s also worth pointing out that in the place where the stamp should be stuck on the Uluru card (luckily Aga has stuck the stamp elsewhere, so I was able to see this amazing fact), it states “Did you know – the world’s first postcard was issued in Vienna on 1-10-1869”. I did not know actually! So interesting!

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A German Birthday

Birthday FlensburgNew

These gorgeous cards come from my good friend Hannah in Germany (whose birthday is just two days after mine). We have been penfriends for five or six years now and it was lovely to get these pretty cards! Every Easter she visits Flensburg with her family and I always love hearing about her visits to the East Sea. Much appreciated cards!

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The Life Size Moomin House!

MoominHouseDance MoominHouseNightThese two beautiful cards come from Riita in Finland (who previously sent me a card of Snuffkin), whilst reading my blog she came across my post showing a Moomin doll’s house where I said I wished I could live in a life-size one. She tells me that although I can’t live there (shame), MoominWorld in Naantali, Finland, provides this enormous replica of the house in the book. She reminds me that Moomins sleep during winter which is why there are none in the second picture. Such a lovely surprise to receive these cards and Riita’s even been kind enough to use two funny stamps of Finnish outdoor toilets. Awesome!

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Historical Egypt!

pyramidsAsswanMy first postcards from Egypt! I was so happy to receive these from a friend I made on writing website Wattpad, Mai! She tells me she chose these cards to show her country’s beautiful history but that she chose a combination of famous (pyramids) and less famous (a temple in Asswan). The temple has, in fact, been flooded by the Nile in this picture, which makes it even more beautiful, I think. Really cheerful and lovely cards! Made my day to get these!

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A Double Whammy from Alexandria

PelesCastleAlexandriaThese beautiful cards come from Gabriel in Alexandria (shown in the second card), Romania. He says he chose the first card (Peles Castle) to add to my collection of Romanian castles (at present, this collection stands at two!) and tells me the castle was built between 1873 and 1914 over 134,000 square feet of land with over 170 rooms! How amazing! He also says that Alexandria has a population of 41,000 and is situated in the south of the country. I really love informative cards like these as I love learning new things about foreign countries!

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Vintage Soviet Cards!



So these postcards arrived yesterday with no writing or note to suggest who or where they were from. After deciphering the stamp, though, I eventually realised they were from Osman in Azerbaijan who I arranged a swap with a while ago. With a little deciphering of the cyrillic alphabet on the backs of these cards, I learned they are vintage (from the 1950s I think) and were distributed in the USSR. The first shows an inn in Moscow and the second shows (I think) a picture on display in Kiev Art Museum. If anyone knows anything else about these two images, I’d love to know! I also particularly liked the fact that my address was written with “via Germany” at the end… Not one I’ve seen before!

Edit: I have attached the back of the postcards in case anyone can give any info about them! Thank you!


Appeasing the Gods of Postcrossing!

NativeAmericans Dinosaus

These two awesome postcards come from Igor in the USA. I did a direct swap with him a while ago and then strangely received his address again randomly for an ID card – what are the chances?! Anyway, he insisted upon sending me these two wonderful cards to ‘appease the Gods of postcrossing’ for their wonderful coincidence. And they are such awesome cards! The first card shows an image of two Utes (the oldest continuous residents of Colorado) posed holding pistols and floor-length headdresses and Igor says it is from the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum in LA. It’s such a striking image – really fascinating! The other is from LA’s Natural History Museum which is the only place in the world to have a collection of the three T-Rex growth stages. Man, I love dinosaurs, they are just too cool! Awesome cards!

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Maya Galore!


This fantastic set of postcards arrived as a wonderful surprise yesterday from Ignacio in Mexico. Clockwise from the top left, they show The Temple of Venus – Chichen Itza, The Temple of Jaguars – Chichen Itza, The Head of the Plumed Serpent – Chichen Itza and The Principal Pyramid – Tulum. Any regular followers of my blog will know my degree was in Archaeology of the Maya, so these cards are pride of my collection now and to add to their uniqueness, they are vintage too! So perfect! Love them!

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